Thursday, January 31, 2013

First finish of year!

Nothing like digging out an OLD UFO, from 10-12 years ago!  I made this top to practice my machine quilting skills. Well, now I'm onto a long arm and need practice again.
Dancing Tulips

And this is a close up of a swirly, McTavishing type quilting. 

It was kind of fun and more important I can take an oldie off my list!  I  am going to give it to my Secret Sister. 

Happy Quilting, 


A first finish for ages...LOL

 After 3 years of sitting in the UFO pile I have
finally finished a quilt for my dear friend Hilary.

 It was not that it was hard but finding the motivation is all it took.
 Then I made it in a week or so...
 What happens to the thrill of finished instead of the thrill
 of starting?...
For me its the hard work inbetween which is needed with loads of motivation...
So finally I gathered that after a chat to a few online friends...
 and Hilary loved it...

Love a quilty picture of the binding!... acheivement it speaks to me... 
yes a FINISHED one!

 Happy Finishing.
 Hugs Dawn x x 

Scraping in a 3rd Finish

 I did it!

A couple of hours ago I posted my 2nd finish for January and wondered if I would get a 3rd finish done.

I did, I did.  Gotta, love a good deadline. 
 All this quilt needed was binding and as it is machine bound, it was done in a snap.
This quilt is off to an Australian Soldier as part of Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags

I hope I can keep up this momentum.

January 2013 Finish

Just scraping in to have a finish for January 2013.

I started this turtle quite a few months ago and finished him today.  He was fiddly to make... I think he will stay an only child . . .
Its a pattern from Anni Downs from her book "A Simple Life".

My 2nd January Finish

Yes, I am excited.
I have finished my 2nd January Finish of my list.

This is my Christmas Table Cloth and I have blogged about it's story over HERE on my blog Outback Crafter.  

Thanks for this great blog to encourage me to finish things.  I am loving it.  Now off to bind another Aussie Hero Quilt, I wonder if it can be finished today for #3 for January???

Hello there! my first finish for 2013

Hi everyone

here is my first finish for 2013 - two hot pads - not much effort needed to finish really, 
just a final outer seam, and trim off stray threads ;-)
one has a new home to go to, and the other is in the 'Pressie Basket'.

My 2013 UFO list is HERE unfortunately, it has quite a few items left over from 2012 :(
now to start working on my next finish ;)

More UFO's completed #8 and 9

 Hi everyone!  finished 2 more UFOs!!!  on a roll and I am feeling good!  LOL....

OK first UFO.  This is a wallet that I teach a my local quilt shop.  I have had this cut out since summer time I think.  that and 4 others.  The class was small this time so I thought I would sew along with the girls.  so we all got our wallets finished.  yeah!  


outside and folded
 I love this wallet.  it has 15 slots for credit cards.  1 special place for your drivers license.  and 5 large pockets, which one of them is a zippered pocket.  and it's the perfect size! 

Next is a wedding quilt for my brother and soon to be bride.  Barbie found the idea on Pinterest.  it's a label quilt.  I tracked it and tracked the idea back to green fairy blog.  I sewed 6 panels together.  added 3 borders.  she wanted it king size!  This was started back in October.  

whole quilt
close up of quilting
 I didn't want any quilting on the label. I had my friend Monica quilt it for me.  she did a fantastic job!  around each label, she quilted a frame.  it's perfect.  Barbie and Ronny love it.  the wedding is coming up fast! 

Hmmmmmm, what should I work on next? 


It's a Finish

Since a lot of this month involved travel I have had to consider my handwork finishes for January.  Of course the rage of the frilly scarves caught my attention.  I grabbed my knitting needles, some of the wonderful Red Heart Sashay yarns and started knitting.  As quickly as I finished one of them I had a granddaughter claim it.  It makes me feel great that they enjoy my work and that they have now caught the desire to learn knitting themselves.

Aren't the colors wonderful?

Some good news and some bad news

Some good news and some bad news….which do you want first?

Ok…some good news……

I have the pattern all ready to send out to all of our January finishers, with requirements, cutting instructions, assembly instructions for one of the blocks and the stitchery design to get you going, but…..

some bad news……..

I can’t do the monthly tally nor email it to you until next Wednesday because life’s just getting in the way again and I’m testing your flexibility!!!!!  LOL   We have to fly to Brisbane tomorrow early, as my son has a procedure on his eye at the hospital tomorrow afternoon.  We wont be coming home till next Tuesday evening as they will be checking his progress Tuesday morning….it’ll will give me some mother-son time and some Wendy-stitching-catch-up time too, but that just means you’ll have to wait…..SORRY!!!!!

but still, some good news comes out of any bad…………

it DOES give you a few more days to get your first month finishes in, if you haven’t already done so….We’ll tally up on Wednesday, so if you’ve got your post up of your January finishes before then, you’ll get your Free January BOM block….If you’ve already got January finishes though, and you post about a February finish in that time, don’t worry….you’ll still get counted in February’s finishes so you’ll still get the Free February BOM block at the end of the month!!!  Confused?????  I hope not! 

Just remember….February is a short month, so make sure you’ve got a little finish organised for Feb. so you don’t miss out! *wink*

Sew many hugs

Wendy :O) xox

First Finish For 2013

I had the best of intentions to finish up a quilt I have had hanging around for years, but January just seemed to speed by me.  This hanging was just in need of binding, so not wanting to not have a finish for the month that's what I did....such an easy finish!!!  Now why didn't I do that before?!!  I loved being part of this group last year and getting so many projects finished.  I am looking forward to another productive year.  Thanks so much to Wendy and Dawn for this group and such a wonderful idea!!!! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My First Finish

I am very excited.  I have my first finish for 2013.
This quilt is for Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags and has been sent off to a soldier serving on HMAS Toowoomba.

I quilted it with a large zig zag (so it looks like a chevron) and quilted the words "Thank You Aussie" into the mustard stripe.

I am very glad this one is finished.   

Finally Finished!

It's over sixty degrees outside (55 degrees warmer than last week!) and I just finished putting buttons on a snowman!  This was suppose to be on my door in November but the Holidays happened.

My first finish of 2013:

What to finish next?....the possibilities are endless.

My First Finish! Whoo Whoo

Finally I have a finish, how good does this feel. 
It is though only a small finish but a finish is a finish.
Here is Mickie the Elf.
Bought the pattern a couple of years ago. I have made one previously for mum and my daughter cut out the pieces for this one probably 10 months ago. I had sewn him together all but the head probably about 3 months ago.
So now I can gladly say that Micky is complete with head, dressed and embellished.

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Festive Finish

Yay, a finish for me! This morning I have finished my Happy Christmas Cushion, a design from The Birdhouse. I started this in December, probably not good timing due to less stitching opportunity during the Christmas & school hols time. Well not to worry because here it is...

You can see more HERE

Sunday, January 27, 2013

More UFOs.....

It seems my UFO list has grown even longer.....I thought  (for some reason) that a UFO was something that was started prior to 2012, but Wendy informed me that it is anything that was started before the beginning of this now I will have to work even harder to get a few more finishes. Let me just say, I love this blog, I have finished more this month than I would have if it wasn't for Wendy and Dawn and all you lovely ladies who post encouraging comments......a big, big thank you to all.

Anyway, I have another finish, well two actually, but one is really small....

I love this little girl, and was very pleased with how she turned out.........

The little finish is the lavender bag. When I was looking for something for this bear I found about 7 lavender bags that I hadn't finished, so I finished one for her.

This bag isn't a UFO, but a little something that I made to give to my 7 year old granddaughter for her birthday on Friday, and she absolutely loved it. I just cut across the legs of a pair of jeans for the outside and the lining of the bag, hemmed one end, sewed around the top and frayed it, made a strap, stitched down both sides and frayed that as well, oh and put a pocket inside. Made a flower out of felt, sewed it on and then it was finished. It hardly took any time at all. The best part was that the new owner loves it.

Hello Finishers

Hi fellow Sew Its Finished members, this is my first post here.  

I know it is almost the end of January, how can I not have posted my list yet?

Well quite simply I compiled my list & started sewing - just didn't manage to blog.

I started this UFO tracker in July 2011 and um.... well.... some of hte items listed in July 2011 are still in the UFO list. {Hangs head in shame}The really scary part is some of the items on the list are from over 8 years ago. Hmmm

So here goes my ufo list
Firstly the ones from July 2011 and prior
  • Lake House resort strip quilt - lengthen/quilt/bind
  • Farmyard Flannel - 1/2 done/ quilt bind
  • Pinwheel Wreath - triangles make ?? to complete
  • Best Friends BOM - 1 of 12 done
  • Bargello Left overs ???
  • Kitchen cross stitch done - border & turn into ???
  • Chevrons - ???
  • Celtic Flowers and Fans - top stitch/ attach made border/ quilt & bind
  • Paul cross stitch - keep stitching
  • Family Time Chook Runner - emb/ border/ quilt/bind
  • Country Cushions x 4 - quilt & back
  • All the Wave - finish/quilt/bind
and the newly found UFOs added 17 January 2013
  • 2 x "Wallabies" Aussie Hero quilts - quilt/bind
  • Clown quilt - quilt / bind
  • Chevron layer cake quilt - Lucy's crab shack - quilt/ bind  
  • 2012 Christmas table cloth - embroider 6 names and dates
  • Robyn Ginn Workshop quilt - embellish/ quilt/bind
  • Julie Mystery workshop - finish weave/ stitch into something. 
So I should be busy.
See you back here soon with my first finish.

Another 2 finishes

Another 2 UFO's have hit the finished list.
Number 8:

This table runner came about by default.  In our December 2012 sewing club the Christmas project required lots of cutting of shapes to be made into coasters and placemats.  I had been to my Grandson's Prep Graduation, so was late getting there, and seemed to be cutting lots but getting nowhere.  I came home with a pile of half cut out coasters, but not so sure about how to make them up.  As I had pieces cut out I then had to work out what to do with them.  My table runner was "born".

Number 9:

3 years ago when Grandchild no 6 was expected, I bought this sheep panel to make a cot quilt.  It was a girly one, but as time went on we found it was to be a boy.  The quilt had been started and was then put into the UFO drawer.  When Vicki was born last year I had forgotten about this panel until I sorted out my UFOs for my 2013 list.  I had already made her a cot quilt so decided to make this one into a floor rug.  

Those sheep really are so cute.

‘Seasons Of ’ BOM and a new BOM for 2013

Hi girls,

remember we told you that we had some surprises in store this year??

Well, if you missed out on some of the blocks from our ‘Seasons Of” BOM, you have another way of getting them!

Dawn and I will be releasing the blocks on our blogs each month, under the guise of…..

seasons of BOM button

Being Australia Day yesterday, we thought we’d release the first block (the summer one, at the beach),  and seeing as it was one I designed, it will be on my block HERE

006 (Medium)007 (Medium)

Next month it will be Dawn’s block, so you’ll find it on her blog and we’ll be releasing each block on the 10TH OF EACH MONTH…..don’t worry if you don’t remember…we’ll remind you!

So grab the button, add it to your sidebar  to remind you…and to let others know, and stitch along…we can’t wait to see your finished versions.

Mine’s still at flimsy stage…..well, I’ve sandwiched it and it’s ready for quilting but that’s where it sits at the moment, but I can show you what it will ‘sort of’ look like finished!

009 (Medium)010 (Medium)011 (Medium)

That will give some of you girls a UFO to go on with, especially those of you who only have a ‘couple’ of UFOs and don’t know how you’ll keep going all year!!!! (giggling under my breath!!) After all, this is a BOM from LAST year, so I think it should qualify, don’t you???


Now, our BOM for 2013 will follow the same routine as ‘Seasons Of..” did last year.

So, housekeeping first……

to get a block, you must have finished at least one of your UFO’s for the month and posted about it on our blog by the last day of the month.

after the count of finishes has been tallied for  month, Dawn and I will send you a copy of the block of the month for that month.  A new month, a new block, so we continue all year around.  If you miss a month of UFOing, you miss that month’s block….so it’s a good idea to plan your finishes so you can get each month’s blocks.   In December, you will receive the finishing instructions with the last block.

Now, I guess you want some more info as to what it is you’ll be getting????

Well……..this year our BOM is a pieced and stitchery only BOM (no applique) called “A Year Full of Blooms”…..each month will be a stitchery block of the birth flower of the month….now I know, after much research, that birth flowers vary from country to country so I’ve gone with the consensus.

Here’s a sneaky peek….

021 (Medium)

I’ve used Little Black Dress, by Moda for my fabric…just love it!  I hope you enjoy it too!

Sew….go forth and sew many hugs, let’s reach for the stars in 2013!


Wendy :O)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A quick finish–that took 12 months

In January 2012 I signed up for the Pond House BOM at my LPS, but after completing block one I decided that this quilt was not for me so I cancelled.
For the past 12 months the centre block has been sitting pinned to my design wall waiting for some inspiration.  My initial idea was to make it into a bolster cushion or something similar.
Yesterday afternoon I had my mini version of FNSI and started cutting up scraps in similar colour ways to the block.  Then today I added a border, quilted it in an all over loopy design and wholla, I have a new table runner.


Big job done....

An uncontrollable urge to have this old couch covered up spurred me on to finish this next UFO

this is what I finished off last evening

 very happy with my couch's new look

did you notice what is in the corner?

haha... gotta have a spider in the corner for a spiderweb quilt???

53" x 93"

I didn't add wadding.. with the scraps it is quite heavy and I wanted it more of a throw for this purpose....

I did stitch in the ditch to hold it together

if it's not a quilt I wonder if it is called quilting
maybe I just 'throwed' it together

Righto, Gotto Go... Happy Australia Day - long weekend to enjoy .....