Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slash Bag again

Here is the my latest Slash bag.I started making these bags to sale at a craft stall to raise money for a Hospice. The stall never aventuated so I was left with a large pile of fabric (how sad).
Each time I make one it looks so different from the last.
They always find a home soon after they are finished and sometimes before.
Not sure were this one will go.

Sewing across the fabric

Fuzzed up cuddly bag

Here are a few more pictures Chris H, so you can see what happening.

Another little finish.

Remember this box of special blocks!

I am slowly getting them done.

 I have finished the fourth one now

and it is my 6th UFO Finish.

Monday, March 28, 2011

UFO Housework!

Wow what an amazing effort we have had so far this year...
Lots of posts and lots of finishes..
 Now Wendy and I have been keeping an eye
 on all the finishes and trying to keep up with the list
 of individual UFO finishes on the left hand side bar...
 NO panic if you have already posted a few newies...LOL
 we have some exciting things in store for the year 

BUT need to clarify some details:

 1. Unfinished object is a project you
started earlier (last year or before)
and have now decided to finish it...
2. Please post only UFO finishes!
 Save the new projects satrted and finished for our own blogs...
 We can visit your own blog and admire them!
3. Please number the UFO's on your post from now on
so we can keep the tally correct... see HERE
(with 70 odd bloggers its a huge 
undertaking checking back)

Now for some exciting stuff.....
 If you can email Dawn or Wendy
your UFO list  
( no matter the size..LOL)
So when they get finished we can
 keep track and  mark it off your list
then we can giveaway some encouragement prizes..
 Not saying what right now... but exciting stuff...
This is not for the most finished or new items just started
 hence why we need a list to check it off.
Its for those of you, who have finished some of those dang UFO's.
and make this a year to remember... 

 Lots of Hugs
 Dawn and Wendy
 x x x x x

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 down...

several more to go.... enjoy your Friday!


Here is my 1st Finish UFO.

It may be small but a finish no less.

In my mission to learn as many embroidery techniques as possible I have recently started learning Hardanger.
This is my first finished item.

Craft to Do - Sandra

Two UFO's Finished

Wow! My first UFO finishes.

At the start of March I had a tidy up in my craft cupboard and found a few UFO's that go back too many years to count. This 'Chicken Scratch' pot holder just needed to be sewn up.

My Holly Hobby Peg Bag was waiting for the binding on both ends and 3 buttons and button holes.

So I kept both projects out where I could see them and ... ta-da! Two UFO's finally finished and it didn't take long at all.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holly Tote finished (#13 finish)

When I am wanting to try a new technique I start by making a small project..... a couple of years ago I wanted to do some applique using 'invisible thread' so a did a block with holly leaves and cut fabric in preparation for a bag... and in the cupboard it sat.... until now....

hope I can fill it with some loveliness 

Not only do I have a UFO done - but something is ready for Christmas too
~ double YAY ~

so good to tick things off the list
thanks Dawn and Wendy

Monday, March 21, 2011

Finish # 7

It is a very nice day here today; sun has been out most of the day..still a bit cold.  But the snow is melting still.
This quilt is a commissioned quilt; a lady did the cross stitching on it; I hand quilted and bound it.  I actually don't care for the blocks being left unquilted; but this is what it called for....I would do more if it was mine...
So; #7 is done...I am going to take a little break from the quilting for about a week; I think. Fingers need to heal.  But I'll still be here checking on all the other finishes....love to see all of them.. you can't see in this picture; but the back is white and bound in dusty rose...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Spy is No. 5

Here it is.  Finally I have finished my I spy quilt which I started 4 or 5 years ago.  It took all of 1 afternoon and night to finish it off. 

It is a reversible, quilt as you go quilt with lots of bugs, and crawlies on it.

It is now on the bed and waiting for a Grandie to come for a sleep over to try it out.

I finished UFO 5

I work as a nurse in a hospital and we aren't alowed to wear our uniforms outside the hospital. So my colleague and I needed some big bags to put our workingshoes and uniform in. Some nice bags. But everytime something got in between. But last week I finally finshed them.

This one is mine.

And this one is for my colleague. (You can see two UFO's I have to finish).

Don't we just look nice together?
Groetjes Mai

rest your head here......

Thank you to Helen for sharing this sweet project with anyone who wanted to join.
This was a mini Round Robin. I stitched the centre block added fabrics and passed on to the other 3 creative Gals in my group.....Kerryn,Cat and Kerry.
I'm really please with how this turned out. I used charm squares from Kansas Troubles.I did make a few changes on Helen's pattern and so did some others in the group.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On a roll

I haven't posted for awhile, but I have been sewing!
I started this at a retreat in November. 

I think I started this in the summer of 2009.

And this guy was started at a workshop in Summer of 2010


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome to some New UFO tacklers!

Wendy and I would love to welcome some new UFO tacklers...
 Linda, Lisa , Marg H, Gail
Hope you find time ladies to finish some UFO's..
 Please visit their blogs and say Hi!.

 Sweet Hugs

 Happy UFO'ing..

 Wendy and Dawn x x x

 There are a few places left to join if you know
 anyone who needs to finish their UFO's.... he he he
 Also please don't forget to send myself or Wendy your LIST!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mystery Quilt Finished...

This was a small retreat (big girl sleep-over)
that I hosted at my house last fall.
Our local quilt store owner, generously agreed to
do a Mystery Quilt class for us.
There were many pieces...lots of cutting and sewing.
But, we all had so much fun!
This is my first bias binding in over
35 years! A friend convinced me that
the stripes had to be on the bias.
I'm thinking that... this kitty thinks it's
her quilt? 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Number Five.

I am delighted to have finished a set of QAYG blocks. These are on there way to Jan who makes them into quilts to send to Qld,Vic and NZ.

Now I will start on another set of blocks.

UFO's 11 & 12

Last year I started 12 blocks from Sentimental Journey stitcheries... instead of making one quilt I have decided these would go into individual items..... this month I made one of them into a drawstring bag for stitchers affected by floods in Queensland.... only the one bag witht the stitchery quote is a UFO... the others are new (I didn't have a separate picture):

This weekend I worked on Free Motion Quilting and finished off this quilt that has been lurking.....

I wasn't sure about the colours which is why it took me ages to do
... but as a finished item it is not too bad...

my first attempt at a fairly loose meandering
...... improved as I went along....
a tip I learnt
make sure the needle is in properly!

I especially like the fabric used for the border..... cheers it up a bit .....

on Tall Handsome's favourite chair
ready for those cooler Autumn evenings


Started reviewing my UFO's - a bit scary

Thanks Wendy and Dawn for the invitation to join this blog.  I've been reviewing my list of UFO's and it's a little bit scary.  I even started to think about the definition for "having started" but I think by any definition these have been started..........  Hopefully there'll be a few less by the end of 2011.  It's certainly encouraging seeing all the wonderful items being completed by others.



sock monkey?

does this count as finish?

A couple simple pillows...

I really love that this blog exists! It has been great to see everyone's completed projects and be inspired to get back into sewing!

This poor little pillow's stuffing has been beaten down, so it is nice and soft...a wee bit too soft!

I have had some sample squares of fabric that I purchased for next to nothing! Seriously! A furniture store was closing down last summer and my hubby and I saw the samples in a corner... We picked out about 20 squares (17x17 inches each) (some printed and some plain) for a couple of dollars! None of them were identical, since they were samples used for customers to choose fabric for their furniture and accessories.

This past Weds, I didnt have to work, so I went to Hancock's fabric and bought some decorative rope trim. Last night, I sewed one pillow and this morning, I did the second one.  I had old pillows that I used the batting or filler from....so these cost $7 for each pillow (The cost of the trim was the most expensive  part).

And here is the back...the fabric for the back is sooo soft!
 ...just in time for our younger daughter and her boyfriend's 
long 10 hour drive to our home. 
(my hubby and I get to meet him for the first time) 

And thank you to those that answered my question previously about what sewing machines you use. I have been looking and looking and having a hard time deciding! I love quite a number of the machines that were mentioned, but some were more expensive than I felt I should spend.

I did decide and purchase from Overstock.com this Brother brand.   (It was on sale and with free shipping.) So...yay! I was able to try it out for the first time on these pillows! And it worked great! (I had given my old machine to our older daughter, so have been without a machine for about a year!...a big reason that I have mainly been hand quilting :o)
Here is my machine. ...it is very easy and the manual gives great instructions! (It comes with a rolling carrying case too :o)

Oh! many of you are familiar with models that can do many things, but I was amazed that they make sewing machines that can really thread the needle!  haha...Yay for such brilliant people that invent things like that!

Also thank you so much for all you experienced quilters that have answered some of my questions! 

Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings & Aloha!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hope love and faith

After being in my closet for two years, I found the courage to cut into the fabric and start these beautiful quilts of McKenna Ryan named Love Hope and faith.

I'm very happy with the result.

Groetjes Mai