Sunday, March 13, 2011

A couple simple pillows...

I really love that this blog exists! It has been great to see everyone's completed projects and be inspired to get back into sewing!

This poor little pillow's stuffing has been beaten down, so it is nice and soft...a wee bit too soft!

I have had some sample squares of fabric that I purchased for next to nothing! Seriously! A furniture store was closing down last summer and my hubby and I saw the samples in a corner... We picked out about 20 squares (17x17 inches each) (some printed and some plain) for a couple of dollars! None of them were identical, since they were samples used for customers to choose fabric for their furniture and accessories.

This past Weds, I didnt have to work, so I went to Hancock's fabric and bought some decorative rope trim. Last night, I sewed one pillow and this morning, I did the second one.  I had old pillows that I used the batting or filler these cost $7 for each pillow (The cost of the trim was the most expensive  part).

And here is the back...the fabric for the back is sooo soft!
 ...just in time for our younger daughter and her boyfriend's 
long 10 hour drive to our home. 
(my hubby and I get to meet him for the first time) 

And thank you to those that answered my question previously about what sewing machines you use. I have been looking and looking and having a hard time deciding! I love quite a number of the machines that were mentioned, but some were more expensive than I felt I should spend.

I did decide and purchase from this Brother brand.   (It was on sale and with free shipping.) So...yay! I was able to try it out for the first time on these pillows! And it worked great! (I had given my old machine to our older daughter, so have been without a machine for about a year!...a big reason that I have mainly been hand quilting :o)
Here is my machine. is very easy and the manual gives great instructions! (It comes with a rolling carrying case too :o)

Oh! many of you are familiar with models that can do many things, but I was amazed that they make sewing machines that can really thread the needle!  haha...Yay for such brilliant people that invent things like that!

Also thank you so much for all you experienced quilters that have answered some of my questions! 

Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings & Aloha!


grandmarockton said...

beautiful pillows & new machine should HELP get you sewing again

Wanda said...

What lovely pillows! I know you are glad to have a sewing machine again. I've been getting to use my sewing machine again from time to time. Enjoy.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

very nice pillows Maria....and nice machine...I just got a new Baby Lock before Christmas...I know what you mean by actually threading the Have fun with the new machine....

Chris H said...

Very nice pillows... my machine threads it's own needle! I love it!