Non-Reply Bloggers

We'd love to have you along but you need to have an email address we can forward information to.  Please contact us with a valid email address and we will gladly join you up!

We've noticed a lot of people are wanting to join our blog, which is great and we are loving it BUT, we can't do anything unless you have a valid email address we can sign you up with.  If your reply email shows as a no-reply blogger we are unable to contact you.

To fix this on Blogger, go to the 'your dashboard on the left hand side you will see

View Profile
Edit Profile  - Click on this one and open.
Edit Photo
Edit Notification

Edit User Profile


If checked, your first and last name will appear on your profile.
Currently set to

Then save these settings at the bottom of the page... and when you post to us or write us an email, we can easily contact you as you no longer show as a no-reply blogger.

Hope this helps and hope you're getting plenty of those ufo's started!!!!
If you've visited recently, our 'family' of ufo tacklers is growing considerably so we have plenty of encouraging others to help us along on our path!

Sew many hugs
XX Wendy and Dawn