Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A finish :)

Here is a blanket I finally finished for Heidi!

Nice to have it finished....only about 2 years after I started it...when Heidi was just a grape sized blob!

Now I just have to try to be patient for the cooler weather to arrive so Heidi can snuggle under it while we read stories :)

Erin :)

A Finish

I have spent a lot of this last month on my back. Could not sit up for a long time but I managed to finish this scarf. I started it after the craft fair last year and then got bored. So I started knitting again and now I am ready for winter. A very strange way of knitting,but very popular at the moment.I am pleased I have 1 UFO out of the way

Just in the nick of time

Hello all, I am pleased to be joining in again this year with all you Sew It's Finished girls.  My efforts last year were not brilliant, but I was chuffed to see the bag I finished made it into the mosaic for the header/sidebar button!  I have updated my 2012 list on my blog.  You can find it here if you're interested, but sadly it doesn't look all that different from last year.

Today I decided if I was going to squeeze in a finish before the end of the month it would have to be an easy one, and it didn't come much easier than finishing this little Lavender pillow from a Country Threads magazine, which I stitched about 6 years ago.  For goodness sake, it only took about four minutes to stitch the opening closed!  I'm pretty sure this is one I mentioned last year as being one that wouldn't take much effort to finish and still I left it a whole year - what is wrong with me??

Anyway, I am enjoying seeing so many finishes from everyone, and I'm sure there will be lots more in 2012.  

Good luck girls............ Nicky

Take two....

Well, I don't know about you, ladies but I didn't achieve my goals of UFO finishes for 2011, and after talking to Dawn, she didn't either so........

we've decided to keep our blog running this year to see how we go!    Let's just say last year was a warm up, a trial run, so to speak and this year we'll 'take two'!!!! 

With that in mind, we will need to begin with a new blog button for 2012 won't we???

Here it is for you to copy and paste onto your sidebars with a link back to our SEW IT'S FINISHED blog for others to come and look at your amazing finishes, which is sure to inspire them to achieve what you lot have this past twelve months!

Remember, even ONE ufo finished is one less than you had before, so don't be hard on yourselves if you didn't reach your target.

I've started already, with one UFO that was begun in 2010 and has been sitting there, at the safety pin stage for most of last year, ready to be machine quilted.  I'm quite proud of myself as the quilting has begun and I figure it will be finished by next week if I keep plodding along!!!

We have another member to our blog too......welcome Kathleen from Rose Prairie Quilts .  I'm sure we'll be seeing a few finishes from her in  2012, along with all of us! *wink wink*

Motivation is a huge encouragement on our blog.....you ladies are fantastic at motivating each other so it got me thinking about a 'blog motto'.... Now I know this is pretty bad, but there are not too many words that rhyme with 'twelve' so, here goes......
Our blog motto should could be........

Let's delve, not shelve in two thousand and twelve!

....told ya so!!!!  Let me know what you think?!

Looking forward to seeing many more completed UFO's in twenty twelve...

Sew Many Hugs,

A finish for January!

One of the lovely things about keeping a blog is that you can put dates to events and remember when things happen. However... there is an embarrassing side as well. I found the first post I made about this project back in December 2007. There is another one a little bit later and then a third one in January 2008. In that one I said I wasn't going to put it away because it won't get finished. Well guess what? It didn't ....until today. I put the last stitch in today. And here is my version of Trees on the Table, designed by Marcie of Patchalot Patterns. You can find the pattern and a gallery here. The lovely thing about this pattern is that it has a variety of different borders. It is just lovely and I am cross with myself for leaving it so long.

I also want to issue a warning about leaving things so long as well. I made the top back then and misplaced it for a while. Then I found it, sandwiched it and did a bit of quilting on it, probably about a year ago although it could be longer. When I got it out to finish I found that there must have been some damp and some of the pins I had left in there ( yes, I know we are told not to do that) looked like this.......

They were hard to remove and one or two just broke when I tried to get them out. In most spots it is okay but there is one which is a problem. These holes are not made by the pin but the corrosion from the pin has eaten the fabric.

So I hope this is giving you a little bit of incentive to get things finished. Not only do you prevent bad things happening over time but you also get to actually use them ( I would have loved to have used this last Christmas).

So I just made it in for a January finish. Yippee!

My first post here

I am finally posting on some of what I finished. I am in  a 30's club at a local quilt shop and I made these travel tissue covers for the ladies in the group. I made 16 of them. Nothing fancy but they are cute, these two are what was left over.

Then I was able to finish one of the hats for my grandsons that are due in a few months. Yes I said grandsons, their two of them coming and I am so excited since they are my first grandchildren. So I get to make double of everything.
I have plans for more knitted items like booties and sweaters, plus a few more hats.
Till next time

Just Under the Wire

Hi Everyone! I'm so happy I was able to join this challenge. I have a long list of ufo's that keeps increasing! First on my list was my Funky Flower Jelly Roll 1600 - which I managed to finish for January (with just under 8 hours to spare - I've always been a last minute kinda girl!). Now I know the post says February 1st, but here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada it is almost 5 pm on January 31st!
I love the backing on this quilt. There will be many more of my quilts with the zipper, or piano key backs. The quilt is my own pattern, using the Jelly Roll 1600 technique. The flowers are fused, then blanket stitched. I'm thinking it's going to be a donation quilt for Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation center.

Here is my list
-Funky Flower Jelly Roll 1600
-Cynthia England Landscape
-Gloria Loughman Landsape
-grey and taupe quilt
-black, white and lime green disappearing 9 patch
-gumdrops quilt
-ladybug quilt
-queen size potato chip quilt
-Moody Blues drunkards path
-Sunflower wallhanging
-queen size quilt for moi  (using Chocolat by Moda)
-Vicki Pignatelli project
-silent auction small wall quilt for our guild's challenge to raise money for the Humane Society of Winnipeg

There are at least 5 or 6 more that are in various stages of completion. I'm not counting the bundles of fabrics that have been designated for future projects. I think if I could complete even half of the above list, I would be quite impressed with myself.

Can't wait to see everyone's accomplishments every month!

Happy Stitching

One finish for January

I guess the time stamp on my post will be 1st February but it still 31st January for just under 3 hours so I can report my first finish for the year and the month but my 6th finish since I joined the group last year! I managed to put the last stitch on the binding of one UFO tonight. I finished a candle mat that I started in November 2010. This was for a swap and with the instructions given, we were making two at a time. Of course I finished the first one then and there to send it in time for the swap. But the second one was half pieced and languishing in a plastic bag until last month. I finished piecing the top in December and was hopeful it would be all finished by year end.
But that was before Baby Daughter made her entrance into the world on Christmas Day! Anyway, it is now finished and I will be able to give it away as a birthday present later this year.

Monday, January 30, 2012

January 2012 Finish

Well, the push is on to get at least one project a month done - so here is my January offering.  This was originally a small runner to go on the top of a bookcase in my daughters room to match the quilt I was making her.  But life has moved on - she is married now and has 2 bedside tables instead of a book case in her room.  So I chopped the runner in half and made 2 little quilts - about 12" square.  They are made from the leftover triangle bits from the quilt which is why they do not match.  (Quilt will be the February finish). I cant remember when I started this - hopefully by February I will have worked it out.

Funny - now that I look at the photo - one is predominately blue and one pink.

First finish for 2012

I started this quilt in March/April 2010 and was making it for my Aunt's 50th that was in July. So 7 months later here it is finished

The pattern is 'Life is Beautiful' by Hug's n Kisses
Who was I kidding thinking I could get all those stitcheries done in 2 months. Glad to say it's done and I will be glad to give it to Jenny. I highlighted some of the words by stitching them red. Words that described her and the things she does for us. Jenny looks after my elderly Grandparents and after my Grans stroke she did alot around their house, ran all over the place for them. Now they are in a village she still goes to take them to Dr's and out on outings. I wanted her to know we all appreciated what she does. Hope that she likes the quilt when she finally gets it.
Cheers for now
Geniene XX

1st UFO done!

Ok, so it's not that old of a UFO, but still was languishing a few months and needed to be done. Nothing like starting with the easiest one first! LOL

Joy's Parting Gift

Wishing I had made the 'ties' a bit longer but too late now. It was made for a friend who moved out of state and I had all our our friends sign parting wishes for her.  I was inspired by a pattern I saw, but didn't like the large size it made, so I just created my own.  I sewed Jelly Roll strips together, adding a wide 'ribbon' 1/3 of the way over.  Then I cut 1/3 off the top of the strip set and added another 'ribbon'.  Added a bow and voila! Done!  I quilted it with various size swirls.   And it's on it's way. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hi there!

This is my first post to this blog, thanks for having me! When I first started quilting about 6 years ago, I was certain I would 'only ever buy what I need for the current quilt' and definitely never do applique! Much has changed since, and in September last year I finally started blogging about my quilting here, which as of recent includes a page on home made recipes.
I live in the Far North region of New Zealand, so it is coming to the end of our summer holidays now. As wife, mum of three and full-time teacher time is at a premium, but to keep myself sane I just have to be creative! Many years ago, playing music filled up my / our time, I have enjoyed felting for a while, card making and scrap booking, but nowadays it usually has to do with quilting. These summer holidays I had a good clean up in my sewing room and found 10 UFOs or WIPs, and since the start of 2012 I have manage to complete some of these:
1. My first ever project, a Crazy Quilt kit set from Spotlight purchased in 2005. I started it before I owned a rotary cutter or a 1/4" foot, and when I recently completed the last block, I finally realised that indeed all the pieces would fit together if you did it right.

 2. A Pinwheel Table Cloth, started last summer. Originally I had meant the squares to make individual cushions for our outdoor table / bench set, but even with protective spray the colour on the matching table runner faded too much so I turned it into a table cloth:

3. In some past Quilting Arts Magazine I read about turning pictures into quilts. Here are two of my three boys':

One more boy to go, there are plenty of nice pics but last time I checked, none suitable for this method, so you could say it's not a true finish but I count it anyway (can't finish what you haven't started, can you?).

There is one more WIP almost finished, I'll post a picture once I am finished with the binding and the gazillion thread ends of the youngest DS new Dinosaur quilt. I have been quite busy these summer holidays with various other small projects, feel free to check out my blog.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My first for 2012

I started this little Christmas Swag in 2010 and then, even though I had everything to finish it, it has just sat in a box since then.  As I am a late starter to this site and with only a couple of days to the end of the month, i wanted to get at least 1 UFO finished and couldn't get to sleep last night for thinking about which would be the most achievable UFO with so little time.  This ONE:
All I really needed to do was add the snowflake buttons and then join them together with the Peppermint Candy Buttons....and....it is FINISHED!

 Love it!

 at Bits 'n Bobs

Scrappy Stars Wall Hanging.

Finsihed this wall hanging - a birthday gift for my brother.  I first saw these blocks on Bonnie hunter's website and loved them.

It measures 42" square and I machine quilted it al over.
More photos on my blog here

I have bigger version of this sitting in my UFO pile.  Thank goodness it's the weekend!!

First Finish for 2012

This has been sitting around for about 6 months waiting for a border and to be stretched over the artist's canvas that I purchased a few months ago. Finally this month I purchased and added the border fabric and today I got the stapler out and ta da ......

Stitching Round the Block ~ commenced November 2010

Yay - I think?

It has been hot and humid, not a standard Perth summer. Usually it is just plain hot. My sewing is progressing mostly in the cool of the air conditioner which means hand sewing. I have a finish, I hope it counts for "Sew it's Finished " - it has been sitting in the bottom of my basket for quite awhile, at least six months and all they needed was press studs. They hadn't even made it to my UFO list. Why do we leave the smallest, simplest things so long? Seriously a press stud. Anyway complete are two camera bags.......... .

Another January finish!

I started this a couple of days after Christmas.  I've had the pattern for many, many years, and In December I learned that a friend has Winterberrry Christmas dishes, so this will be a hostess gift next December!

Taa Dah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what I made out of my SAL stitcherys.  A Christmas swag. Even had the perfect buttons. Click on photo for a better look.

I am very happy with my third finish.


First for 2012

Now I am not sure if this counts; so if I'm wrong let me know..lol.  This is a gift I made for my granddaughter for Christmas 2011. So; it was finished just before Christmas....


Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Finish

I finally finished this Christmas table topper for my daughter. 

I started it at least two years ago and there was always something else 'I needed to finish first'.  My daughter was so happy I finished that she typed my UFO list on my Blog - Thanks Katie!  There are many more UFO's but this is all I could think of while taking notes at a seminar (multi-tasking can be useful).  You can see my list at Quilting Chemist - Sew It's Finished Page.  I love looking at all the beautiful projects others have finished - thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!

First Finish for 2012

My First Finish for 2012 ........ Yay!!!!!

I finally got around to piecing together some of the blocks I have received in 2010 and 2011.

Ready to snuggle under when it gets a bit colder ;-)

I love the fact that all these different blocks have come from different parts of the world and look so great together.  I am really looking forward to snuggling under this one this coming winter ;-)

You can see more pics on my blog post HERE

So to my swap partners, thank you so much for the lovely blocks you have made.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a little Finish.

I just don't seam to have enough hours in a day. Sew I am pleased to have another LITTLE finish.

The last of my SAL stitcherys. Hope to put them together soon into a swag.



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Surprise for you….revealed!!!!!

Hi Ladies,

remember I told you that Dawn and I had been chatting and we have a surprise for each of you, and that you’d better get onto finishing at least one UFO by the end of the month????


Well................ we can reveal a monthly ‘reward’ if you like, for each of you that complete at least one UFO by the last day of a month. Whether your finish is big, little; old, a bit newer (but not new!); one or many, it will qualify you to receive our gift for the month. Yes, you ARE hearing reading correctly.......you WILL receive a gift EACH month you complete an outstanding UFO that must be from last year or before.


How are we going to do that, you may ask?

Well.....Dawn and I have been thinking long and hard and thought you guys could do with some rewarding for all the hard work you’ve been putting in ..... delving into those piles of ufo’s so, between us, we will be designing a “Seasons of “ BOM for Sew It’s Finishers, but only if you blog about a UFO finish from your list on the SIF blog by the end of the month . Each month there will be a new design for a block which will be in both stitchery and appliqué format and then on the twelfth month you will receive finishing instructions to complete your quilt.

Remember, no completed ufos for the month = no block!...sorry, but we need to encourage you to get those oldies out of the cupboard!!!!

We would be more than happy to see progress photos of your gift blocks on the SIF blog too.....I know...we’re sneaky but we want to keep inspiring and encouraging as many of you to finish your older UFO’s so that you want to get our gifties each month!!!

So.....let’s get to it....you have just over a week to go before the first gifts are sent out...so make sure you have a finish posted by then.


Hint: If you’re worried you’ll miss out, work on a small finish this month so that you can squeeeeeeeze it in before next week!

Can’t wait to see what you complete!

Sew many hugs...

Wendy and Dawn xoxo

My first major finish of the year - and my first post !

Hello everyone.
My name is Rhianon and I have a blog over at The Nifty Stitcher.

I am so delighted to be part of this blog.  I've been a quilter for over 12 years and came to it through my work as an embroiderer.    I have a stack of UFO s to work my way through this year and I'm gonna do it!!

My first finish is this quilt :

I actually pieced the center this time last year and it hung in my workroom all year.  It is a gift for my brother and his wife.  

Here is a close up of my machine quilting.   I've only been machine quilting for 10 months and I love it.  Before that I quilted everything by hand.

Close up of the geisha fabric in the border.  
This is going in the post today and I can't wait to hear their reaction.  It's a complete surprise for them and I hope they love it.
I'm looking forward to making new quilty friends and I must say thank you to Dawn and Wendy for accepting me.
Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hi there ...

I'm leanne ... I blog over at daisyandjack and I'm so glad to be here.

I have quite a few UFOs (heaps really) but as I haven't actually got all my projects out to count them up I'm using the UFO list that I made in 2010 and then updated in 2011 but only managed to get three done last year - I'll have a new list as well  ! I think my problem is that there are just too many projects that I want to do so I get started then see another one and ...well you all know the story :)

I'm going to post my list on my blog as soon as I get it sorted - hopefully in the next week but in the meantime here's a photo of a stitchery that I started sometime in 1996 (gee so long ago I'm struggling to remember) and it only needs a little bit more embroidery on the fence and some greenery around the roses on the gate and it will be finished - I can see that I unpicked the flowers on the fence at some point - so I'm definately going to add this one to the list - it seems a lot of my UFOs are the same - just a little bit to do and they're finished - so I'm determined this year :)

so here's to hopes and wishes and finished UFOs in 2012 !

leanne x

First finishes for 2012

Actual, real genuine finishes
"Minty Cream".  My version of Cinderberry Stitches Raspberry Cream
Started I think February 2010, stitched, quilted and had binding attached March 2010.  Finished today.
This is exactly how I left it almost 2 years ago.  A bit back to front.  This is actually the second finish.   I didn't put a hanging sleeve on this as the plan is to have a hanging rail on the wall with the baby alligator curtain clips.  Easy to swap out when ever I choose too.
 Front.  Apologies for the dodgy pics.  It is stinking hot here and the house is all shut up and dark and the a/c is working its little heart out.  I still really like this but am thinking that it needs to be made in candy colours (maybe) or even as the original version, in raspberry reds.

And the back to prove that all the tails have been trimmed and tucked and the binding is all sewn down.
Just saw the dividing line between the dining room and the lounge on the ceiling.  That will be gone this weekend.

Finish number one was "Merry Christmas".   A Gail Pan freebie.  I think I started this late 2009 and the stitching was finished March 2010.  Backing and binding done July 2010.  Finished  Sunday.
Chop sticks come in very handy sometimes.

 Sorry for the out of focus pic.  I could not get a steady pic of this so gave up and you got the least fuzziest.
Feels good to get these done but I still have lots more that are wip's wisp's or ufo's and I am about to start 2 new projects.  Fun times at the machine.
Have fun doing what ever you are doing.