Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First finishes for 2012

Actual, real genuine finishes
"Minty Cream".  My version of Cinderberry Stitches Raspberry Cream
Started I think February 2010, stitched, quilted and had binding attached March 2010.  Finished today.
This is exactly how I left it almost 2 years ago.  A bit back to front.  This is actually the second finish.   I didn't put a hanging sleeve on this as the plan is to have a hanging rail on the wall with the baby alligator curtain clips.  Easy to swap out when ever I choose too.
 Front.  Apologies for the dodgy pics.  It is stinking hot here and the house is all shut up and dark and the a/c is working its little heart out.  I still really like this but am thinking that it needs to be made in candy colours (maybe) or even as the original version, in raspberry reds.

And the back to prove that all the tails have been trimmed and tucked and the binding is all sewn down.
Just saw the dividing line between the dining room and the lounge on the ceiling.  That will be gone this weekend.

Finish number one was "Merry Christmas".   A Gail Pan freebie.  I think I started this late 2009 and the stitching was finished March 2010.  Backing and binding done July 2010.  Finished  Sunday.
Chop sticks come in very handy sometimes.

 Sorry for the out of focus pic.  I could not get a steady pic of this so gave up and you got the least fuzziest.
Feels good to get these done but I still have lots more that are wip's wisp's or ufo's and I am about to start 2 new projects.  Fun times at the machine.
Have fun doing what ever you are doing.


Maria said...

Two lovely finishes. Well done.

Fiona said...

those are both lovely finishes....

Susan said...

All lovely - and a great start to 2012 finishes

miss~nance said...

Nice finishes - well done.....

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Two wonderful finishes, well done!