Saturday, January 14, 2012

My UFO list for 2012

I have completed the sorting out of my sewing room and now I know I had 26 UFO's from last year, one has been completed, so that leaves 25 from last year but them i started another 5 last year and also i have a few incomplete fundraiser projects to be finished for November. Here's a link to my blog rather than repeat what I have just posted. I am also hosting a giveaway of my first finish for the year. I might make a few of my finished giveaway as some of the projects are abandoned gifts or swaps, so are not necessarily my taste. I did borrow someones idea from here & have sorted my projects into boxes of similar type ie bags, table runners.

There are a couple of projects I have not added to the UFo list as they are ongoing projects:- strippy blocks to use use scrap fabric and hexy flowers (one day to make a 1/2 apron like my mum had that her mum made).

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Susan said...

Gosh - its a bit scary when you start to really have a look and make a list - isnt it. Then again - I found my list from last year very motivating - it didnt stop me starting new things of course.