Monday, January 9, 2012

#2 Stitch-a-bit felt

Last year a group of us did a felt pincushion base stitch-a-bit.... One person made the base and sent it on for someone to add to it... and another... and another... my base travelled around Australia and the Yukon Territory. 

this circle is 6" diameter... look at all the amazing detail that has been added....

I cannot take credit for this idea... I was gifted a similar wall hanging which I loved so much I wanted to make one using my circle instead of making a pincushion

I have used a jeans pocket (some of my jeans have been faulty and shrunk after a short time)
and woolen blankets felt

It brightens up a small room in the house and I have added a lovely scented soap in the pocket 

It is great getting another UFO done
(I do have 30 28)

... my tip to everyone is find a couple of little ones to do ... it feels so good to have a couple of quick finishes..

....  now I can start something new... that's how it works isn't it?


Fiona said...


Maria said...

Fiona I am still doing my list. LOL

LOVE LOVE this finish.

-girl from the bush said...

Hi Fiona, love your finish it's just gorgeous! It's a great idea to get different crafters to do their bit and turned out wondreful too! sue~NZ

Susan said...

Fiona - I cracked up - funny how you have the same problem with jeans - there must have been a huge faulty bunch of them!!! But I LUV the idea of sending the base piece around to a group of fellow stitchers and then turning it into something!!!! Thanks sew much - only 28 projects??

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Great finish! I think it is a great idea to turn the swap circle into something you can look at all the time.