Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cot Quilt

More than a year ago I took part in a class to learn how to do mitred corners on a quilt border using the Marti Michell mitring ruler.  The ruler is really good, takes the guesswork out of getting the measurements right.


It is good to have this one finished.  I havent anyone in mind to give it to, so it will go on my quilt shelf and be used by any little ones who come to stay.

It’ Finished !!!!!!

For the past few days I have been stitching the last block of Lynette Anderson's Christmas Fun BOM. Then pieced the last border,put it all together, quilted in the ditch and sewed on the gorgeous buttons.

Christmas Fun. Lynette anderson

Yeh!!! Another UFO from last year finished with seven hours to spare.. LOL
                                                       Finish  No 10...



I hope I don’t leave it to the last minute to get my UFO finished and posted next month.

Hugz  Maria

Monday, July 30, 2012

Finishes 12 and 13

I haven't been doing much quilting or blogging this month because we have been getting ready for a new  Grand baby.  Evelyn was born on the 28th and is wonderful.

I did manage to finish two more little quilts.  The pink and blue one is from Quilts by Cheri and is called
Plain and Simple.  Click here if you would like the instructions.

Apple Brown Betty is also by Cheri.  You can find those instructions here.
Happy finishing everyone.

July Finish

Many years ago I knitted my daughter a cardigan and instead of ribbing I did a feather edge. It was my first attempt at following a pattern. My previous experience with knitting was scarves. I have since knitted several jumpers and love it as a summer craft would you believe.........................  

This beanie was knitted with leftovers for my daughters favorite dolly. Six years later all it required was a stitched up seam. Another silly little to do off my list. Would you believe this was finished on the second of July and I have been so busy sewing that I almost didn't get it posted for this month.

Autumn wall-hanging

This month, I used a panel I pieced together in October 2009 as part of a challenge to make a skinny wall-hanging.

My starting point this month was this little panel where I had initially sewn the 4 blocks in 2 x 2 rows but I decided I had made enough cushions lately, so I unpicked the panel to sew the blocks in 1 row of 4.

I also used this long-forgotten panel to practise my free-motion quilting and browsed the very resourceful  Free Motion Quilting Project blog before setting on the Sharp Stippling stitch.

I finished sewing the binding last night.
One less UFO in my sewing room, yeah!

The Season of Winter

Just loved stitching this pretty little snowflake while sitting toasty warm in front of the TV....thankyou :)

I'm trying NOT to buy any more yarn until I use up what I have in my stash. I purchased 4 balls of net yarn last year and this month I finally knitted the last one.

Happy UFOing :)

I haven't forgotten a July finish

Hello everyone
I admit to being side-tracked by the Tour de France, and now the Olympic Games on TV.  I am definitely in awe of these athletes, given that I am so not fit, or even remotely interested in the word 'exercise'.  I'd far rather have my fabric stash, patchwork magazines and quilting friends for company!

I have managed to track down sufficient matching royal blue fabric from an online store in America so I could complete the binding of this quilt, which I began in a workshop in 2007 run by Anjii Solomon on her design techniques.   Sadly and unexpectedly, Anjii passed away last year, so it has been very important to me to be able to finally finish this quilt.  It is lap quilt size, and means a lot to me, bringing back fond memories of a very lovely lady, so I am keeping this for myself.

I used the brown/yellow floral print from the front as my backing fabric, and the reason for calling this quilt the "Iris quilt" is the small softer blue floral print used on the outer border and elsewhere is full of little iris.
I am really happy with the colours in the quilt, and the design, and my cats are delighted to have another item to sleep on.  [Sorry the photo does not really do justice to the fabrics]

Sunday, July 29, 2012

OASS Spring swap

I am participating in Cherylls OASS Spring swap, and even though I only got my partner last week, this still counts as a finish doesn't it.  (well I started and finished it)

I am participating in the Fat Quarter shops mystery BOM and when you sign up you get a mini charm pack of the Vintage modern range that is used in the Mystery BOM.

Well, what better way to use this than in a postage stamp cushion for my spring OASS swap.

I love how it has turned out, and once I have made a couple of tuck in gifts will post it out to my partner.

July Done & Dusted

Just finished my project for July.
I knew I started this cross stitch a LONG time ago - but when I was talking with a work mate the other day - she said "Oh I remember you sewing that - before I left to have DD2".  Well DD2 is now 8 - so I finished the cross stitch part (except for the words and hair highlights) in 2004.

The original wording was "A Wild Wonderful Wacky Woman Lives Here"  but it doesn't really suit our entrance area in the house - but it's going to look great in my Sewing Space.

The pattern is 1331 - Wacky Woman Designed by Diane Arthurs from Imaginating
PS For those who don't know - my surname is Wild -makes this even more appropriate.
And I hardly changed the colours - that's unusual for me.


-and Garden Goblins *lol*
I like those cute little creatures. as long as it not to excessive.
I have 2 of them in my garden an 8 on my new xl-cushion.
I sew the top last year during a wonderful vacation in South Afrika,
and now I decided to make a cushion out of it.
Size 24" Ø

The "ILDICOBOLDE" pattern ist free available here, if you like.

Liebe Grüße

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hi there!
Well.... after finally having a couple of finishes for this year... I can happily say I've got ANOTHER one!

It's another wee baby quilt, using hearts that I made a good two years ago!

I am very happy with it, and it will be heading off to Australia next week for my 14 month old Granddaughter Sienna.  
I made a blue one for her newborn baby brother a couple of weeks ago, so that will go to Australia too.

I love sewing these quilts... they are easy for me to quilt myself due to them only being big enough for a cot. 

Candlemat #13

This is a block by Lynette Anderson - it was part of a larger quilt and I was gifted this block which I have made into a candle-mat....  

Great to have another project out the cupboard.... even though I managed to put 2 more in!!

Time to get ready for August....

Hugz from Fiona @ BubzRugz

Friday, July 27, 2012

My First Quilt for Aurora Colorado

This is my first completed project for getting 300 quilts to Aurora Colorado to help those affected by the tragedy that happened.  It is lap sized at 49 x 49, but I know it will warm someones heart to know we are thinking of them.

If you would like to donate, please see my Facebook site and all the quilts go directly to Aurora.  If you would like to get involved and don't have the funds for postage, I received a large check today to help with postage for people in need.  If it doesn't get used, I will send it to the center when all quilts are received.

I know people think we won't get 300, but I have faith in quilters all over the world and I know we can do this. After all a year ago, I personally sent 45 quilts to charities on my own.  Now, however I am a bit slower, but I have had one quilter make 4 quilts in the past 2 days.

Please know this is not a scam, all quilts go directly to Aurora: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora-Colorado-Emergency-Responder-Quilts/401592493230782

Monday, July 23, 2012

July Finish

This Christmas runner was started 4 years ago. All the squares were cut and neatly put away........actually I think I forgot about it. Out of sight, out of mind I guess :-)!!! Anyway it's done, and binding finsihed.

Thanks to all of you for keeping me inspired to get old projects done. Happy week.

Monday, July 16, 2012

On a roll

Sometimes, things just work out and one thing after the other falls into place - well, makes up for the times where it doesn't I suppose lol. The July break has been a bit like that for me, I felt I really was on a roll. I didn't get done what I had planned to do originally, but I got into a number of other projects (dying and painting cotton, canvas, frost cloth and silk chiffon, making placemats for Mum, making some canvas art with the kids, heaps of fmq etc.) including the long awaited third and final portrait of my sons:
My, I need to take a photography course one day....
I used the same technique as for the other two portraits I finished in January, adapted slightly from the one feature in the Quilting Arts Magazine from a few years ago - one of these days I will put a tutorial on my blog :-) For this portrait I painted silk chiffon in different shades of yellow, orange and red - for the first picture I had used green batiks, definitely my favourite to work with, the next was just ordinary cottons in different yellows, but the effect you can achieve with silk chiffon had fascinated me since I went to Jeanette De Nicholis Meyer's workshop back in February. For stabiliser (and for the backing) I used the cotton drop cloth from painting the silk, in a light orange it added colour to the whole piece. I batted it with a leftover piece of cotton-bamboo batting so together with the silks this very much resembles the character of my very soft and cuddly middle DS! The silk layers are fused with Mystifuse, I raw-edge appliqued in an orangey red and in the background quilted random wiggles trying to resemble clouds (as he is my little daydreamer :-) Instead of putting it into a frame as with the others I bound it and added a hanging sleeve (note to self: For future wall hangings, remember to hem the sides of the sleeve before attaching it or you have to hem it by hand again...)
These three portraits will probably go up on the bedroom wall (oldest DS is too embarrassed to have me display him in a more public area lol). Finish #14!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

No 1 & 2!

We don't have a new camera yet but I'm such a technological wizard (not!) that I've worked out how to get photos from my i-phone onto the computer.  Let's see if it works!!

I have also finished number 2 for the year!!  This bright quilt was a mystery BOM again from a few years ago!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Been a long time

It has been a long time since I had posted anything, it's not because I haven't been busy. I would say that I have been too busy and forgetting to post. So here is my latest finished.
It is a cool car trash bag that I have made and posted a how to on my blog.

So if you are interest in making one for yourself just go here.
I'll try to be better at posting my finishes.
Till next time

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I finally finished my first UFO for the year!!  Of course I've been doing other sewing things but this is the first UFO completed.  And wouldn't you know it, the camera has died so I can't put up a pic just yet, but I had to share the good news!!

It is one of those quilts where you sew all the jelly roll strips end to end, then sew down the sides, cut at the end, then keep sewing down the long sides (if that makes sense!)  The fabric I used is the sock monkey one, so it's turned out quite cute!

A finish for July

I’ve been battling it out on my sewing machine this week, working on one of my long-standing UFO’s that I just kept postponing for fear of messing up.  (do you do that too….or is it just a ‘me’ thing???)  

Finally, finally, finally……this li’l baby has made it past the finish line…….

014 (Medium)

It’s my Market Baguette Bag…a Cinderberry Stitches design by Natalie Lymer and I just love it!   I made a couple of modifications…..magnetic clasps instead of the ties, as I know how frustrated I would become if I had to tie and untie them every time I went into my bag….and they work a treat!

019 (Medium)022 (Medium)

And I also stitched some vertical ‘fold’ lines into the sides, so they folded inwards rather than gaped out as I carried it around.

018 (Medium)

these little birdies are just so ‘tweet’!!!!! 

It’s now my ‘go to’ bag when I hit the shops…..and I continue to ask myself…….why oh why did it take me soooo long to finish it!?!

Off to look for more of those ‘scary’ UFOs to get to the finish line!!!  How about you????? 

Sugary hugs :O)


Friday, July 6, 2012

The June Winners Are!

WOW..38 finishes for the month June
 Well done to those who were able to finish
 a UFO.. (a project previously started before 2012)
 Wendy and I drew a name each out of the list
of finishers, with the help of Mr Randon Number Generator
 and the winners are
fabulous effort on a finished project...
 If you weren't a winner and missed out posting a UFO as well,
 be sure to get them in this month....
 The ladies who have finished a UFO will be receiving
the June block for our BOM in your email box shortly.


Well... since my first 'finish' of the year... I've been a busy girl!
I had a quilt top that was nagging at me... I just did not like it at all... so I de-constructed it and am using all the gorgeous heart blocks to make Baby Quilts.
I have enough heart blocks to make about 5 Baby Quilts!
Here is the Super King Sized Quilt top BEFORE I unpicked the entire thing:

ABOVE:  the colourful horizontal sashing was what bugged me about this quilt.  And it took me a couple of days to unpick the darn thing!
Here is the first of about 5 Baby Quilts I am going to make:

ABOVE:  I think it's GORGEOUS.   And as I have FOUR more Grandbabies on the way... I'm sure I will find homes for all of the Baby Quilts.
Actually... the first new grandbaby is due on SUNDAY, then the next one is due on the 19th of July! 
The other two are early next year.  What fun.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

.... a cushion (#12)

Having realised we are half way through the year I picked out a couple of quick to finish UFO's to do this month...

this was a top made with 3 others in a stitchalong a couple of years ago - we each did one border and sent it on to the next person to do the next

I did some quilting in the ditch for the top and added a pocket back

now I have a brand new happy cushion 
which I love a lot

It's a great way to make an item... and new friends

How are you doing with your list of UFO's.... mine is half way now!!! yaya
(that really just means there were far too many unfinished things in my cupboard!)

Hugz from FionaBubz

Monday, July 2, 2012

June finish

I started this kit sometime back in 2009, shortly before I started quilting.  Needless to say, it got stuck in a box and only recently resurfaced.  I don't have the right size pillow form, so I'll buy or make one this week.

I've already decided what I plan to work on for July, so I'm off to get it kitted up and ready to go.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fabric Fairy

It was a long delivery,
 it took almost one year to finish this ufo...
-but now its finally done,
and may this fabric fairy always
keep your stash filled !

Liebe Grüße