Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old.. make way for the new....that's the purpose of our blog!!!

So join with Dawn and I to make your lists, prioritise and add them to your sidebar and we'll encourage one another to get that never-ending pile of UFO's to a more manageable size before the new year is through!!!!

C' know you can do it....and it will be easier together!

Have the best New Year's celebrations knowing you're in control of your UFO's in 2011 and not the other way around!!!!!

May your bobbins always be full  in 2011
Sugary hugs
XX Wendy :O) 

Happy List making!

List List List!
Happy New Year 2011
Is your UFO list ready.
Well grab that pen and start searching your sewing stash's and boxes
for all those UFO's that are in desperate need to be finished...
 Come On!
 Lets get some projects finished together next year.
We all can get them done with some help and encouragement.
 We all need to be spurred on to finish.
 I know I do 
but I certainly don't need to be spurred on to start some new ones.
 But to finish some oldies thats another story....
 Happy Searching
 Many Hugs Dawn x x x