Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy List making!

List List List!
Happy New Year 2011
Is your UFO list ready.
Well grab that pen and start searching your sewing stash's and boxes
for all those UFO's that are in desperate need to be finished...
 Come On!
 Lets get some projects finished together next year.
We all can get them done with some help and encouragement.
 We all need to be spurred on to finish.
 I know I do 
but I certainly don't need to be spurred on to start some new ones.
 But to finish some oldies thats another story....
 Happy Searching
 Many Hugs Dawn x x x


Sue said...

Hiya! Found your new blog, and I wanna join too please!! I have SO mand UFO's that are weighing on my mind, so it would be great to be motivated to finish at least some of them, if not all..... (I might have to live to be 100 to finish them all!!) Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx

Sue said...

Whoops!! Sorry, off to a bad start this year with my typing, I meant to say "many" not "mand" :0) from Sue xx

Melody said...

Hi Wendy and Dawn, thanks so much for letting me join in here. I've got such a long list of UFO's I think I will need to prioritize them and list maybe 6 then when they are done (I'm being optimistic here), Ill add another 6. I think I will blog about this tomorrow. I look forward to seeing what everyone else needs to finish.

Doris said...

I have a UFO list which I started 2 years ago, so will list my first 5 projects tomorrow.

Maria said...

Ok Dawn I am off to the sewing room. I will be brave and open my boxes to find my UFOs.
Some are very small and some are large.

quilterfaye said...

Oh How do I sign up? Don't have a blog but have a list of UFO's.
Need lots of encouragement and willingly will encourage others!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dawn, happy New Year to you, dear, and THANKS for this wonderful opportunity !
UFO'S ? oooh, so many!
Lists ? oooh, so many !
So I've decided 2011 will be the year of happy finishes, and I'd love being part of this team. So, if you can email me about the details, I'll be thrilled and so grateful ;>)
Heartfully, from my little corner of the world (Belgium)

Perri said...

Congratulations ... this is such a great idea! Can I please join you all in this great adventure on finishing UFO's ... please ?
Happy stitching, P

Chris H said...

Hey Dawn, I finally joined, can you add my name to the list on the blog? Thanks
Chris H

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

I wish to commit to this for 2011.

Will make my list & share later.

Love Leanne NZ

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

How do you join? I'm a follower, and I added a comment on one of the posts, but, I can't seem to 'join' the list. I have TONS of UFO's.