Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just remembered it's April 30th ... and I've finished something!

Hi everyone
I've been very quiet on the blog scene, I know, but I have been stitching.  Just keep forgetting to post anything, sorry.

Haven't time to take photo - or fixed camera problems yet - so please believe me, I have finished a scrappy quilt tonight.  It's got 6 blocks of totally random 'mile a minute' pieced fabrics approx 12 inch square, joined by tan/apricot  coloured sashing strips.  I used the same fabric as the sashing for the borders, and  a multi-dot backing fabric that picked up many of the quilt's colours was also used for the binding, as it blended well with the borders.  Works out at 35 x 34 inches, and will go in my 'charity' pile, probably for disaster survivors, as it's a bright, happy quilt.  

PS  All scraps from previous quilts, that I'd started sewing together in mile a minute blocks last year, and a friend gave me more remnants to add variety to the blocks this year.

Cheers... will try to get back on the blogging track in May

A Binding Finish

This quilt was made a couple years ago at quilt camp, and quilted by friends shortly after!  For two Christmas seasons I have displayed it on a bench in my entry way, folded so no one could see the binding wasn't done...I'm so bad :-)!!!  I decided yesterday, time to get it done and report in with a finish for the month of April.  Thanks once again to Wendy and Dawn for keeping me motivated to finish up some things!  Happy May everyone.

Just in Time , Finish 8 & 9….

About four years ago I bought these “Quilt Aid Blocks”

001 (3)

So far I have only completed a few of them sew I decided to make them into these….


I like the way the cushion covers have worked out sew I may make some more for gifts…..

Hugz  Maria


12 Little Finishes (finishes 5 - 16)

I started these tree ornaments last year but never got past cutting them out.  Tonight...just a few short minutes ago...I finished these 12 trees.  I had a hard time finding stars for on top that were large enough but I put a button underneath to make them look larger.  I'll still look for larger stars for the next dozen or so I make but it feels great to finish these.

Until next month....

Vintage quilt

 My sister had bought some quilt squares my grandmother had made in their estate auction 17 years ago. They have sat in her basement until a couple weeks ago. She brought them over and asked if I could finish some quilts for her.
In the box I found these blocks that were already sewn together in strips. My grandmother didn't have a rotary cutter so the fabrics aren't exactly even.... But I think it adds character!
I have been able to get one quilt completed so far. Its been fun! I love the scrappy, vintage feel!

Thanks for taking the time to look!!

One more UFO!

hi everyone!  last night while watching Vikings I finished the binding on my mom's quilt.  last year she told me she wanted to learn how to quilt.  Yeah!!!  she told me the colors she wanted.  And I thought  some Kansas troubles fabric would be perfect for her.  And in my stash I had quite a bit!  LOL....  

Anyway, we did buy a couple of fabrics to add to the quilt.  We did buy the backing.  I hardly ever have yardage for backings. I did have a friend quilt it for me.  so all was good.  

I did make her take out some stitching from time to time.  She just didn't see the reasoning for an accurate 1/4" seam!  LOL.....  I was going to have her bind it.  But Dad had some surgery last week and she has a lot on her plate, so a binding did I do!  

The pattern is from a magazine and is a modified wedding ring.  I love it and might make one for me.  it's was very simple.  She is very proud of herself and should be.  Dad did a lot of cutting.  I can't say I made it myself.  it was a joint effort.  But I do feel comfortable claiming as a UFO finished.  It was started last march I believe!  Go Mom!!!  

thanks for looking,  PS I think this is #27!  wow!!! 


Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Seasons of" completed!

My UFO completion rate is down considerably to last year, but I got one more finished:
If you like to read more, please come over and visit here! Keep up the good effort girls, I don't seem to be helping much towards the target, but at the rate you are all going, the 500 aren't all that far away :-)
Happy Sewing!

Another one done for April

I love this quilt. It was a class sample for a class that I taught a last year and it's been hanging on the wall ever since.  I took it down to quilt it, but now I miss it on the wall. It's so bright hanging there.

Slide Show

The pattern was Slide Show by Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Designs. Fabric was OZ by Sanae for Moda Fabrics. Quilted using the pantograph "Gardenia". 

I love making creative backings, if I have the fabric. I could only find 1/2 yard of the border fabric at the time I made the back. I later found the rest of the scraps. Of course!

Another one bites the dust!  Marching on...

Happy Quilting,

Karen aka Passionate Quilter

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Engagement Wall-hanger.....

My daughter got engaged on Christmas Eve last year, so I started this wall-hanger the day after Christmas, but then didn't do much more to it, but because I was going up to Mount Isa last week to visit her, I thought I had better finish it so that I could take it up with me.
She and Dave were so happy with it....

In the Land of Pink Things

Thursday night I made myself do something while I was watching that new show "the moment" on tv.  I also finished up the last little bit today on these projects and now I have 2 more done! *\o/**\o/*

Table-top checkers mat measuring 21" X 21" 

The Spring Checkers project was made from the left-overs from the following 4-patch & Squares Baby Quilt.  I still had eve more 4-patch boxes that I am making into a couple bibs, which hopeful with be completed soon.  I started this following Quilt I think early 2012, but it might have been Fall of 2011...needless to say it has lingered!
Baby Quilt measuring 40" X 40"

The backing

Thanks for stopping by, I certainly hope things will settled down here and I can bring more finishes to share!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hoot hoot hooterville

This is my 3rd version of this quilt, the first one for my Grandies, the second for a friends grand daughter for Christmas last year, and this one is for a friend to give to her sister who is expecting a baby. 

Gill asked me to make this for her well before Christmas last year but said she was in no real hurry for it.  So naturally I went made and purchased all of the fabric and traced a few owls and then tucked it away in my sewing room.

Then I realised it was April and I had better get a move on with it – where does the time go?

IMG_0039  IMG_0040

I backed it in a lovely soft flannel and used a pretty stripe for the binding.

It is shadow quilted around the trees and owls with a loopy all over stipple on the rest of the quilt.

This quilt was on my to do list that I compiled at the beginning of the year, so now I can tick it off as DONE.  IMG_0043

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ready for Christmas? - no not really.

Some years ago I was given the pattern to make this embellished Christmas trees wall hanging.  I started it last year but time ran out and I had not finished embellishing the trees.  It took just a few hours last night to sew down the binding, stitch on the tree toppers (stars etc) and finish embellishing the last couple of trees.
This is one I can put away to use this year for Christmas - or maybe put I should put it in the gift basket.

Finally Something For April!

I was worried I was not going to have a SIF for this month... but some quick thinking got me on the board!
I love this apron... bought it as a panel for about $2 from Spotlight after Christmas last year, so cute I should have bought a couple more, LOL... Anyway, a couple of hours work gave me this...

♥Happy Sewing♥

I love my Grandma Quilt

This is my 7th finish this year. I only finished 5 UFOs last year so I have already passed that. I'm hoping to at least triple last year's finishes. It's nice to see the UFO bin emptying. I have a stack of unfinished projects on the shelves of one of my bookcases and I also have a clear tub with projects that need  finishing. The ones I want to work on first are stored in the clear tub. When that empties I add more.

This came to me in pieces a year or so ago. One of my neighbors was making this for a family member who was having a little girl. She never finished it so she just went out and bought a blanket for the new baby and passed her UFO along to me.  All the blocks were cut out and the top was around half way sewn together. Her plan was to use a soft pink minky backing and a matching pink store bought satin binding. I finished the top and decided to do some hand quilting in some of the squares . I used embroidery floss and stitched hearts into the I love Grandma squares. I also did some straight line machine stitching in the ditch across the rows as back up. Since the embroidered hearts go out near the edge I couldn't use the satin binding. I couldn't find the right color pink fabric in my stash for the binding so it sat for the past month or so. When I woke up yesterday I remembered I had a box of fabric in my closet that had some pink fabric in it and luckily it matched.

I haven't used minky before but it wasn't too bad. I love how soft it feels but I probably won't use it as a backing again for awhile. I think it would make wonderful stuffed friends though.  The blankie still needs to go through the wash to remove the marking pen but I am waiting until I finish another pink UFO I am working on.  I didn't use any batting for this quilt.

I have started a hope chest for when our kids eventually marry and have children. This quilt will be added to the hope chest after it is washed.

Monday, April 22, 2013

one more time.......

Hi everyone!  I am so sorry I did not post a picture  the other day.  Once I realized I hadn't, we were on our way to CA.  So sorry......  so here you go.....

And this is why we went to CA.
Our 15 yr old granddaughter, was running for Miss Teen Acton.  It was the first time anyone in our family had been in a pageant.  in the picture is my daughter, Julia - Miss Teen Acton, my mother and I.  The best part was she also was voted Miss Congeniality!  We are now home!  yeah!!  my posterior is numb!  

thanks for letting me brag and being patient with me about the picture.  sorry about that.  



Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Finish!

Here's an oldie but a goodie!  This was a BOM from Jenny of Elefantz back in 2011(?)  I had finished the background piece then, and stitched the smaller pieces, but I hadn't finished them off.  Why did it take me so long?


Embroidered tablecloth

In 2006 a group of 9 friends did a friendship quilt where it was handed around the group each month.  The "owner" didn't get to see their item until the reveal day at the end of the 9 months.  All the blocks made were temporarily tacked together so it could be seen by the owner on reveal day..

Here is mine when I received it.
I had decided to make a tablecloth and had asked each friend to make one embroidered block with a garden theme and a nine patch block in blue and white.  I supplied the white fabric and did the first block, the garden gate.  I needed to make another 6 embroidered blocks and more nine patches - well that does average out as one block a year since 2006, plus this year to do the border.

The embroideries are amazing - I hope they show well enough to give you an idea,
but the photos are not doing them justice at all.  I think I will take individual photos and post them on my blog.

I have used flannelette on the back, with no wadding, and have quilted around the blocks.  I dont know if I will ever let it be used - can you imagine a red wine stain on it - or coffee.  Aaargh.  But it does need to be on display sometimes as it is so beautiful.  What a dilemma !!!

I am so pleased to have this finished.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another UFO done!

Hi everyone!  hope you have great plans for the weekend!  We are going to see our 16 yr old granddaughter run for Miss Teen Acton pageant!  How exciting!  cross your fingers.....

Anyway, this was a class sample for scalloped borders.  I am no longer teaching this class so I finished it up.  The embroidery is an Alex Anderson pattern.  You can't see it, but it has some embroidery in the background.  it says:

have to be
to be 

I did the embroidery, piecing, machine quilting and bias binding.  I just love scalloped borders!  it is 25" x 26" I used 1 2/3 yards of fabric.  all from stash!  yeah!  I probably started it 2009 or 10.  

thanks and hugs.....


Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Finish

Actually, this is number 4 this month already!  I've had a goal of getting one quilt done per week and sometimes I'm finishing more than that. These are old UFO's that for some reason or another I quit working on.

The Pink Pinwheels is one that I stopped after I got the center of the quilt done, thinking that I wanted to do some special type of border. Well, I could never quite figure out what to do, so it got put on the back burner.

I hauled it out, bound and determined to get it done. I THOUGHT I knew what I finally wanted to do. Sketched it out. Drew out my own paper pieced patterns and made one side. I did.not.like.it. AT ALL! Back to square one.

After bringing out several different fabrics, in pink...in black..in black on white...in white on black...I finally settled on the pink one. The flowers in the print reminded me of the pinwheels and I liked it. I then tried adding another smaller border. Nope, nothing worked. So when it was all said and done, I ended up with the most basic of borders! GRRRRR! And I waited...ahem...4 years? Really?  I vow to get better. This is ridiculous!

Pink Pinwheels

Happy Quilting!

Homespun Hill Thank You

I got so many lovely comments about my quilt Homespun Hill I wanted to thank each person.
I started clicking on names sending a little thank you to each one and then discovered I was sending the wrong thank you to the wrong person.  I am getting older and easily confused.
So I decided to just post one Thank You here to everyone who commented on my post.  I wish there was someway to get the comments sent to your email so it would be easier to respond.  Maybe there is and I just don't know how.
How do you all go about thanking the people who make comments?
Nancy R

An April Finish

I did these stitcheries in mid 2011 - not too long ago considering some of my UFOs,  I have spent a bit of the time since searching for a fabric to go with them.  I settled on the burgundy fabric from a Michelle Hill / William Morris collection.

This little runner will go on the hall stand in our entrance - and I am sure the cat will decide it's a lovely sleeping place - for a while at least.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Years ago I made a big patchwork bag to protect my Cutting Mat while transporting it to my Patchwork Class.

Then I stopped going to class... and the bag has been rolled up in a corner doing nothing.

So, I decided to make it into runners for my drawers:

ABOVE: this was the bag... very big and too nice to just leave sitting in the corner of me 'sewing room'.

ABOVE: I had enough to make two big runners for our drawers, and also left over squares to make two small ones for our bedside drawers too.

AND before anyone asks:  Yes, our bedroom is in the garage.  We recently moved into the garage so our adult son Steve and his fiance Bex could move into the 'Master Bedroom' with their 4 month old baby boy.  They needed the bigger room more than we did.

And it's rather comfy in the garage.  My sewing room is there too... which is lovely!  I can lie on me bed and look at all me fabrics!  

Our home gym is in there too... so I can look at the treadmill and think of how I can hang me clothes off it!  *smiles*

This is my 3rd Finish for 2013.  Not many, but I'm trying hard to get more done!

Right, time to go!  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homespun Hill

Another finish this month.  This quilt is from the patten Homespun Hill by the Rabbit Factory.
Back in 2006 I belonged  to a group lead by Pat Wys of the Silver Thimble.  We made a different quilt every month.
The applique is fused and machine stitched and it is quilted using a stars and loop Pantograph.
Glad to have this on off the to do list.
Nancy R

Some more finshes!

Hi everyone!  I have 3 more of my BOM for Redwork Group I have been in.  June, July, and August.  these were prepped in December.  I have just Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec to finish and this big project will be FINISHED!  Yeah!!!  

and August!  
I figured I used about 2 1/2 yards for all three.  I did buy fabric for August.  I just didn't have any beachy, watery fabric.  
this makes #23, 24 and 25 UFOs finished for this year.  Pretty soon I am going to run out of small things and will have to start on big things.  I do have a few of those!  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Marmalade Diamonds

DH is away for two days (and one night) at a golfing retreat, and DD is staying over at her boyfriends house so I am home alone.
Well what does a girl do when she is home alone? -  Sew of course.
Marmalade diamonds has been sitting all pinned ready to quilt for a couple of weeks now, I have spent the entire night on this and have quilted this in an all over stipple.  Not long ago, I completed hand stitching the binding in place as I could not go to bed until it was done.
marmalade on a chair
This pattern is my version of fresh diamonds designed by Anorina (Samelias mum).  She has an easy to follow tutorial on her blog on how to make this quilt.
I have named my version Marmalade diamonds after the name of the charm packs that I used in the quilt. Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille.
Marmalade diamonds showing backing

A Little Finish

I have a small finish to share today.  It was actually completed a couple of weeks ago, but it turned out that I took the pictures with my husband's phone instead of mine!  I thought the pictures had disappeared!
Birthday Bib front

Bib back

A lady from my church asked me to make it for her grand-daughter's birthday after seeing some other bibs I had made for a church fundraiser.  I have several more bibs in the works as well as quilts, and clothing for my baby girl.  Oh so much to do; I better get to it!

Edited 04/16/2013:
The bib and several like it were cut out in originally in December to be made for my daughter's First Birthday (in February), but I used another bib I made for her from my baby hope chest instead.  I pulled this out to use when asked specifically for a birthday bib.  Not exactly old, but technically started last year.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whoo has some finishes??


Why me of course.

These little fellows have been hanging out in my house since last year (or maybe even the year before that).

They were appliqued on but not sewn.

Well not any more.  Last night these 2 were sewn into pot holders
and now they can watch the goings on in the kitchen
 and let me know if something is burning.
 and these 3 were finished off this morning.

That big orange one looks like an 'angry bird' rather than an owl.

So that is 5 more finishes for April and 5 bits of 'stuff' out of the mess.  I think the orange ones will be going into my stall stock and I will decide about the red ones after the local show.