Friday, May 31, 2013

Under The Wire Once Again!!!

I was part of the Charming Girls group a couple years back, and this was a quilt along we did....the quilt is called Among Friends and it's been sitting in my quilt closet all quilted and waiting for binding.  Last week while on vacation I got that done!!!  The ticking bag in the picture was made in a class I took yesterday!

Thanks again to Wendy and Dawn for keeping us all plugging away at our UFO's!

A small May finish.....

Back in March (I think it was), you might remember, I showed this wallhanging that I had finished for my granddaughter.

She had drawn the flowers, so I traced them and appliqued them, then made them into this hanger. I also mentioned how my other granddaughter had drawn a house last year for me to do......which as usual I started straight away......then went onto others things (typical me).
. Well I finished it on the last.....and she was very happy with it. I added a few little buttons to dress it up a bit.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Project

With a bit over 24 hours to spare - you can give me a tick for May.

I started this a while back - I am guessing at around 2008 - and I did the tracing and the vliesofixing.  Then I think I did the raw edge machine appliqueing at a retreat.  Then it sat...and got boxed up as a UFO.  Then it became a Project for 2013 - and then it got a turn this month.

The pattern is by McKenna Ryan from her In Full Bloom pattern.  I had thought I would do all the blocks - maybe I will - maybe one day...but I always intended to have the fuchsias as a wall hanging.

I decided to experiment with some machine embroidery for the quilting - the butterflies - and then decided to do a few lace butterflies as well.  And a few beads...

I used Susie's Magic Binding method for attaching the binding - its really very easy and I think it gives a nice finish.

I posted it on my blog too - if you want more photos and more about my adventure with FMQ...

A Schnibble

After a crazy month that included two trips, watching grandchildren for a week, five birthdays and two anniversaries, I finally have a finish to show for the month.  It is a small one - a Schnibble that I pieced last year.  I loved the colors and the fabrics in this one and pulled it out to quilt and bind it.  I am really pleased with this small finish.

A finish for May

I almost forgot to post this , I had started this messenger bag a few years back as a demo for our quilt guild to promote our library and although I completed one bag I never did get back to this one until now and I am so pleased to say it is finished .
Actually a fun project to make with a charm pack and sews up quickly once you set your mind to it ;-)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May's finish and my 8th for this year

This wallhanging started it 's life 7 years ago as a rowXrow round robin in the craft forum.  I made the first row - log cabins and then sent it around Australia for 8 other wonderful ladies to make a row for it. The rows sat in a box for quite a few years as i tried to work out how best to sew them together.  2 years ago I finally bit the bullet and sewed 6 of the rows together, the other three are waiting to be made into smaller projects.

I quilted it last month and finally finished hand sewing the binding on a few weeks ago.....

Very excited to have one of the tops that have been waiting to be finished done.....
Now what UFO to tackle now....

No 10 Finish….

While cleaning out the cupboard after painting the cave I found an unfinished cushion cover which was started many years ago.
Decided to make it into a wee quilt for “Tove”



I think he likes it and it is UFO finish No 10…….. and just time time for a May finish..

Hugz  Maria

Friday, May 24, 2013

Finished Pincushion

So glad to finally have this out of my KARTS box... did the stitchery whilst on holiday in July last year, just couldn't decide how to finish the item... So I just dived in...
Such a small project, but boy it took ages to finally just sew it all up!!

My May Finish

I have another UFO finished this month - I finally got to take up the last two pairs of trousers for Mr Fixit.

More UFOs finished!

Hi everyone!  This time I finished 5 spider table toppers.  They are over a year old, probably closer to 2 years old. 

Next is my mother's 2nd quilt.  again, my Dad and I cut.  Mom and I sewed.  I did the binding.  It is queen size.  I call it the Huzzy Momma Quilt.  She made it for their guest bedroom.  all a jungle theme.  So you won't get the wrong idea, my Mother is a wonderful decorator.  I am just giving her a bad time!  LOL....The quilt did turn out just beautiful.  the leopard print isn't a flannel fabric but it is sooooo soft and does have some texture to it.  Right now I am quilting shams to match the quilt.  this was started last summer. 

My Mom wants to do a scrappy quilt next.  She remembers sleeping under a quilt when she was very young.  just squares of fabric.  so I have been cutting 3 1/2" squares.  Anything goes.  So that will be our summer project for this year. 

so this makes 33 UFOs completed so far this year.  I am feeling good! 



Thursday, May 23, 2013

May finish

I finished an afghan that I started back in September.  I did most of the work in the car, until the very end.  It was getting to big to travel.
Now I get to start something new.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Workers Play Vest

I made these vest for my grandsons. This past weekend was their first birthday party and the theme was Construction Zone.

Had their name on the back to show who was who.
If you would like to see more of what they as decorations and game I posted it here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Finish

I finally finished my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Easy Street.  This is a really large quilt with lots of little pieces.  I didn't think I would ever get it finished.  I had originally thought it would be a good quilt for my little Granddaughter since her bed is aqua blue, but after putting it all together it was just a little too gray for a three year old.  Maybe when she is older.


I've been meaning to make a soft cover for my Husky... the one that came with it is big and cumbersome to store.

So, I looked in my UFO stash and found the front panel for a cushion I'd made a couple of years ago... and turned it into a cover for my machine.
ABOVE:  I am rather happy with how it looks.  I have never made a cover for anything before, so luckily it worked out.

 ABOVE: Looking good... even if it's not exactly perfect.

ABOVE:  now my little Brother has packed a wobbly and wants a flash new cover too!  Maybe later.

NOW I have a finish for May!  Not bad for me.  *smiles*


Saturday, May 18, 2013


After having misplaced my Dresden Plate Quilt (BIG UFO),  by having it packed into a huge storage box along with masses of other furniture etc after we had a flood in our house back in January, today we found it!

We went over to the storage facility and totally unpacked that huge box, and we found my PHD (Project Half Done)... or as we also call them... my big UFO.

ABOVE:  as you can see, I have masses to do... I'm doing it using the 'Quilt As You Go' technique.

ONLY... I have never used that technique before... so at some point down the line, probably MONTHS from now I will be asking for some help with how to join all the blocks together!  Anyone know of a good tutorial video on You Tube?

For now I will concentrate on getting all the blocks assembled and quilted... cos I can do that part on me own.

I am in love with this quilt already... I adore blues.

I hope everyone is having fun working on their UFO's, I will try and fit in some small UFO's while still working on the Dresden Plate Quilt too.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From one lonely orphan block........

 I needed to make a pin cushion for an pin cushion swap -in a hurry.  I unpicked the stitching back to the middle section for the pin cushion.
 Added a bit of bling to finish it off.

With the remaining corners I made 4 coasters and with the remaining 2 middle/side sections I made the mug rug.
That is one more thing out of the UFO cupboard, a pin cushion to swap, and  items to add to the Christmas gift box.

Monday, May 13, 2013

4 Patch Posy done!

First finish of May. Actually, got this done that first week, but just am now finding time to post!

4 Patch Posy
This is a variation of a Stack and Whack, done with only 4 layers and cutting squares.  I had several larger ones (6") and several smaller ones (4").  And then I quit. I put the whole thing in a project box, SANS directions/patterns or even a note as to what I was doing!  I had some fabric that was still pinned, like I might make more?  

7 years later: I decided to go with a layout that used what I had done so far and just use the rest of the fabric in the border and on the back. So here is the back, using what little I had left after cutting the borders/binding and used the last 4 blocks.

Don't ya love how my quilt has a head and feet? LOL

This is the original piece of fabric I used. It was really cool slipper heels in animal prints and fun colors!

Focus fabric used in blocks

 Close up of some blocks...

My apologies for such small blurry photos. They were on my ipad and I sent them to my husbands computer, since I'm working off of his today.  And they showed up really, really small! Hmm, not sure why. 

Now I am hoping for some warm weather in May! It was 39 degrees this morning. I covered all my plants last night as there was a front warning!  I think we are going to miss spring totally and go straight into summer! Oh well, at least I don't feel bad staying in and sewing!

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A feathers finish -

This little lap quilt is not a UFO but I am sharing it with you a I am super proud of my first ever attempt at quilting feathers.

I did these by free motion, without a pattern, I just had it in my head and went for it.  I am so pleased at how they turned out, they are not perfect but I can only get better from here.  I have gifted this quilt to my 83 year old MIL for mothers day.  The quilt is my own design and as I made this I also wrote my first ever quilt pattern,  So this quilt has truly been a learning curve for me in pattern writing and quilting.



Rinas quilt

If you would like the pattern it is for sale on my Etsy shop quilted hugs by Sue

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finally Off The To-Do List

On Sunday I finished a bag I have been wanting to make for a while now. I made one last year as a swap item & totally loved it, so now I have my own, YAY!

It's called Serendipity Bag, a Janelle Wind design from her book Pieces of Me.
Wow, the SIF count is rocking along so well, we are doing awesome work, are we not?!?!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another one bites the dust.

Yeah, another quilt bites the dust. 
This one is off to my local patchwork group to be added to the 'care quilt' collection.

I have called it ripple effect.
 It was started late last year as a Layer cake quilt - and then it came time to make a layout (arrgh) I ummed and ahhed over design. (The process can be seen here) and then changed my mind again.

I chose a lovely fun binding to finish it off.
Now onto the next one.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A big one done......

This was on my list for 2012 Sew It's Finished...

... and this is the progress I made last year.....

now it is done and on my bed ready for Winter's chill

Big quilt.... 200 x 221cm 

I bought a cream on white backing for the background otherwise it is all scraps
(with a little bit of help from my friends) 

many hours of fun piecing this one....  piecing, chain stitch stems, needleturn leaves, hundreds of HST's and little piano key type piecing....

... you can see how thrilled I am to have it done....

this quilt is on the back cover of Material Obsession and is designed by Kathy Doughty 

.... you can see the similarity ..........

.... this is my new all time favourite quilt.....

This has been a UFO for two years running... glad to knock it off the list for Sew It's Finished
thanks Dawn and Wendy for encouraging us to get something done each month....

Righto, Gotto Go... I hear the winter chills are on their way.... glad I've got something to cuddle under.....