Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Member

Hi, my name's Danette and this is my first post on Sew It's Finished. I LOVE starting new projects....looking at new patterns, fabrics, samples...learning new techniques, stitches, finishing...but I have this problem of finishing things. I even have a hand pieced quilt top from the 80's that needs to be quilted and bound (my oldest UFO on my list). I'll post my list of UFO's by Friday on my blog QuiltingChemist am I suppose to post my list here too?  Please let me know.

Here's my first Finish for 2012.  It's a birthday gift (2011) for my Aunt Do - I told her I'd have one for every month.  Here's January (only 11 months to go) :

Looking forward to finishing projects and cheering you on to delve and complete your UFO's.


Susan said...

Hi- I have the same problem - starting and not finishing - and a quilt from early 90s (not so as bad as 80's) but it isnt a top yet - still needs work on the borders and THEN quilting. Sigh

Kaye R said...

It's good to see we all share the same "issues". I listed my UFO on my blog with the link. My list is long and I didn't want to take up the whole page on this blog : ) I love your quilt stand in the picture.

Dawn said...

So glad you could join us in finishing" wink,wink"...I love the little wall hanging and I too need to delve deep...I have a quilt top from 1992 that needs quilting... and a border..hoping I find it this year.
Hugs Dawn x x x

Wee Little Birds said...

My oldest UFO is 2002 and I thought that was bad LOL
Love your little stand

Wendyb said...

great to have you with us your first finish! Don't stress over the age of them....we've all got them lurking in there!!!! LOL
Just post your list on your blog and we can go and have a look at it there!
Keep delving girl.....we'll all be behind you!
sew many hugs
Wendy :O)

Maria said...

Nice you joined us Danette.
Lovely finish.Looking forward to seeing more of your finished works.

Marg said...

Welcome to our little world. We all share the same "issues" - we start and we don't finish. Great to have this blog to display all those that we do finish. Look forward to seeing more of your finishes.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi! Lovely little quilt. :Don't worry, I have a Baltimore Quilt from the '90's not finished as well as a couple of BOM's I bought by mail and haven't even started, they were from around the same era- oops more UFO's I have just remembered. :)

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Hi Danette! I am a starter and am horrible about finishing things before I get sidetracked by some new project or idea.

Cute little quilt. I like the idea of making little mini quilts to change out each month.

Susan said...

Hey - Quilting Sandy - my oldest quilt is an unfinsihed Baltimore as well - started about 1990 - originally planned on 16 blocks of 16" each mmm mayeb looking at 4 blocks now and 3 cushions to go with it.