Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello

I have taken the plunge and decided to list my UFO's on my blog Michell's Place.  Not many I must say but enough for me.  I then thought I will join this group to give me motivation to finish them all...or most.....or a few...well I can say at least one for now.

Here they are too:

Snowbound BOM
3 Cushions 
Teddy Bear 
Little Stitchery Wall Hanging 
Rainbow Sachet X-stitch
Mystery Charm Squares BOM 
Charmed Hearts Quilt
Framing Cow Cross Stitch 
Cinnamon Teddy Pillow 
Jelly Roll Quilt 
Mirabila Cross Stitch 
'Love Is' Stitchery 

Well guess what I have finished my first one only this week...yay!!

I was given this little kit about 10 years ago and at the time had only used 12ct and 14ct Aida fabric, so when I got a 25ct fabric it was beyond me at the time. I started stitching it then noted it was all wrong, so unpicked it all and it became a UFO.

Well only a few days ago I remembered this UFO and dug deep in my chest in my bedroom and out it came. Over a few hours at night watching Scary Movie with hubby and son, then the next day watching some teen flick with daughter and friend I sewed it all up.

I wonder now what was all the fuss all those years ago, as it was do simple to do. Also the first time I hem stitched and that was a breeze too.

So here is the Rainbow Sachet competed.

This was a Cross Stitch kit from Treasured Times which is/was based in Christchurch. My sister'n'law gave it to me as a Xmas present.


Susan said...

Well Done - its so pretty! One down and some to go!!

Chris H said...

That is very sweet. Well done on getting a finish under your belt.