Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My list.....

I am so glad Dawn and Wendy are keeping this going this year - BIG THANKS

.....  last year I listed 28 UFO's and I finished off 20 of them... I was so excited so I thought it would be a breeze sorting out those shelves this year.....

Hmmmmm.... there are now 30 of them!!!!!!! 

Not sure how that happened as I am by nature a finisher of jobs I start!!

I have taken pictures and listed them on a page on my blog HERE ..... so you can choose if you want to see them all.... you might need a few drinks!!!  They are all in different stages but I was ruthless and pictured  the projects that I had started and needed completion... of course some are hanging over from last years list....

.... so now I have laid my head on the block ... who's next??????

and just because I like pictures this is the first one I WILL be finishing - some button flowers

Love the new header 


Fiona said...
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Fiona said...


Chris H said...

I love the new header too. And your buttons flowers are very cute.

Wendyb said...

Thanks Fiona!!!! We love the new header too....and now there's a blog button to go with it!!!!
I don't know what happens to those ufo's but I'm sure they're up to some naughty business in those cupboards as mine have tended to multiply too!!!!
Well, if you keep going the way you did in 2011, you'll motivate us all to finishing!!!
Great start Fiona!
sew many hugs
Wendy :O) xoxo

miss~nance said...

Grogeous button flowers. i loved reading your blog post and seeing all the pics of your projects too. maybe i should do a similar thing to add more motivation to the pot.



Maria said...

30 UFO's WOW!! I am sure you will get them all done.
I see two finishes already for you.