Monday, May 14, 2012

First project planned

Thanks to Robyn and Susan for your welcome messages, and your helpful ideas on handling my big cupboard full of PhD's.  I've decided that the Julie Haddrick 'wedge-tailed eagle' wall-hanging I partially completed for my husband's 60th will be my first priority.  Progress stopped when he didn't like the beak on the eagle, and it has been grounded ever since.  I'll try to master uploading photos too, so you can see the finished item soon.  I'm committed to it now - what have I done!


Monika said...

It gets heaps easier once you're started on the first PhD!
My life can be pretty hectic at times, so I try to look at things that need not much finishing for the busy months and bigger projects for the months that are less busy (can't remember which months are those - probably January because I'm on school holidays then!).
I've also found that when I desperately want to finish sth. for the month so I get another free goodie = block, an original big looking project might change to sth. easier to achieve - better to change a plan and get it into an actual finished item than have the PhD sit unfinished forever lol
Just my 5c worth!
Looking forward to seeing your wall-hanging!

Susan said...

Totally agree with Monika. What have you done?? Joined a bunch of women who get distracted too easily!

Chris H said...

I look forward to seeing your finishes.