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Thanks Dawn and Wendy

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Makes my heart melt

I have been making each of my grand children a cot quilt when they are born and then a BIG boy (or girl) bed quilt when they move from the cot into a single bed.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you Leo's which I managed to get done in time for his second birthday, and today I finished Mitchell's. 

Mitchell is the oldest of our six grandchildren, which is quite amazing since he was only 2 in December  (our kids all had babies at the same time).

Here is Mitchell proud as punch snuggled under his new quilt with his Nonno, doesn't it make your heart melt.


Tonya, Istanbul said...

Yummy, biteable cheeks!

Nancy said...

What a great picture.

Dianne Mitzel said...

This is an adorable picture, look at the little hands folded, so precious. I envy all your grandchildren, I have 2, and 2 great granddaughters..not nearly enough for me! You will be busy for a long time to come. Love your blog, visit daily..

Maria said...

Michell's quilt is great.Yes it is a real Ahhhhh!!!! photo.....

Chris H said...

Gorgeous photo, gorgeous wee man and the quilt? Awesome.