Sunday, May 20, 2012

Made it in May

Imagine my *sad face* because due to unforseen family issues and a dash over to the UK, I missed out on getting a finish in for April but here is what I finished today so since I did two finishes in March, I am still on target to do my own challenge of "12 in 12".  I also bought some backing today, for my next finish that I am planning.....more on that later.

For now here is my "made it in May"

A cushion cover that I started way back in 2006. I finished the top and quilted it, then appliqued the stems and attached the yo-yo flowers. Then I couldn't decide how to finish it off.....piping around the edges? a frilled edging? do I put in a zip? or buttons on the back? Ughh, that means buttonholes! Easier to put it on the "get around to it" pile. Then I got a surprise from Sue (Quilted Hugs) a couple of weeks ago which was a cushion cover and I made my decision how to finish it off.  On the back, I ended up using brad buttons that are attached using a hammer and a special tool. I had some left over from an outfit I made my daughter "20" years ago!!!!!

Till next time,

@ Bits 'n Bobs


Fiona said...

Lovely cushion ...

Kim said...

That's fab! I always put buttons on the back of my cushions, but get very anxious using the button hole bit on my sewing machine - I can never remember how I did it the last time. It is indeed very satisfying to get a long standing project finished!

Unknown said...

Great job Cath, I am pleased I inspired you. I love the colours in this one and the yo you flowers are perfect. I can never make yo yo's the same size as each other.

sunny said...

Oh my gosh - it's wonderful!

Chris H said...

OH WOW that cushion is just adorable.