Monday, May 14, 2012

Two little projects

Rather than just working on big projects last weekend I started and completed two little projects

The first one is slippers, that I was planning to give to mum for Mothers Day, but the lining is a bit loose, and now I know what I am doing I will make a better pair for mum

But not bad for my first effort at footwear.

The second is a simple little card purse from a pattern I received as a gift for my Birthday this month.  This was so quick and easy to make I plan on doing a few more as little tuck in gifts. 

Its nice to get a couple of little projects done isn't it.

Quilted hugs, Sue x


Lappedamen said...

What a cute little card purse and nice slippers. I wonder what you have used as the sole?

FEDO said...

So cute. Nice.

Margaret said...

Finished objects , but so very nice , love the slippers.

Sue B said...

I made these all in fabric with a padded iron visolene so they are soft and washable. They could only be worn indoors (like socks) but you could glue a solid sole onto the base quite easily

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Cute projects, nice finish.

Julia said...

oh I love the slippers!!

LTT said...

The card purse and slippers are great finishes. Are they from your own patterns?