Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello, I'm Liz,  another new member, with a mass of works in progress.  I don't really admit to UFO's, I prefer the term PhD's, as it makes me seem slightly more determined to finish.  For those who have not heard the definition, PhD = projects half done.

I've been patchworking for about 10 years, and have managed to completely fill a double wardrobe with bags of PhD's, so I'm in dire need of working my way through them, and hope to make at least some progress this year.  Looking for ideas and tips on how others have made a start on their backlogs - with the oldest? the ones closest to being finished? the smallest projects?  any suggestions would be welcome, as I'm swamped.  Thanks.


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Welcome Lizz! I started with the easiest to finish first. Then I decided I would give each project a number. Then when I am ready to work on the next project I draw a number and work on the corresponding project. If I need something for a gift I will choose a project and then go back to the number system. It's great to see the pile get smaller and to cross each project off the list.

Susan said...

Welcome LIzz.
I too made a list and thejn gave them numbers - to see how many there were!! Scary - then I prioritised them in order of which ones I thought were most important to finish. Well that worked well last year when there wasnt an extra incentive to get things done - now this year Wendy and Dawn give us a little present for each month we finish something in - so now I pick on the most achievable in the time allowed. So far I am on track and managing one a month - but a lot of my projects need a lot of work to finish them off and I dont want the "current" projects to join the UFO list so its a balancing act between the two!
I do like Robin's idea too if you are stuck.

Chris H said...

Not too many ideas as I have heaps of UFO's too!
I think I'm just doing them in order of need!