Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last month’s gift block

Hi all,

how are you going with your ufo-busting this month???

I’ve got one in the fire and hopefully will be finished by next Thursday….yep, that’s right, NEXT THURSDAY is the last day of May so get those needles working overtime, find yourself a smallish finish to get done (if you haven’t started yet) and posted on the blog to qualify for your free block of the month! 

Remember a ufo is one you’ve started BEFORE the 31 Dec 2011 !


I just thought I’d show you last month’s freebie stitched out…..

043 (Medium)

This is another of Dawn’s beautiful designs…..two poppies symbolising Anzac Day on April 25th…..such an important day in Australia and New Zealand, and the Cross behind them symbolising Easter……both representing how much has been given so that we might live.

You’ll notice I varied the stitching as per Dawn’s instructions…..(I do like to be different!!!! LOL)  I added satin stitch to the poppy pods, backstitched the cross and then echoed it with running stitch in gold thread….don’t know if you can see that in the photo but perhaps if you click on it it might show up better?!

This month will be my design month and it’s all ready to go….something special for May…..I wonder if you can guess what it will be?????

Our computers are all going well (touch wood!) so we’ll have no delays in getting them to you this month!

So keep working on reducing those piles …. (of ufo’s, that is!)

Sew many hugs xox

Wendy :O)



Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Thank you Wendy,
now I know how to do this block,
and thank to you too Dawn, you did a great job!
liebe Grüße

Fiona said...

loving these blocks...
May for mothers maybe?

Connie said...

Beautiful block!