Thursday, May 31, 2012

YEAH, my first finish

 does it qualify for May, since there is only an hour before midnight?  The wallhanging was finished a few hours ago, but I had to master the camera and uploading the photo to prove the finish - too much technology for this old soul, but I should do better next month.  I've also been unwell all month, hence the really late finish, sorry.

The wallhanging is my version of one of Julie Haddrick's wonderful South Australian art quilt patterns, and I started it ambitiously nearly 5 years ago, to surprise my husband for his 60th birthday.  The real surprise is that he'll be 65 soon, when the eagle will finally be given pride of place amongst his collection of eagle pictures.  It has truly been a labour of love, and I'm delighted to have had the motivation of joining this group to ensure the eagle is no longer grounded.

It's not a super clear photo, but all the stitching is raw-edge machined [not my strong point] onto pellon, then outline quilted with multi-colour thread through a second layer of pellon and matching backing same as the cream background fabric.  I'm hoping this will help it hang nicely.

A night's rest, then I'll think what's the next project in line.
Happy stitching everyone, and congratulations to all the other finishers


Susan said...

Just in time for the 65th present - it looks great - a lot of work I think!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Beautiful! Congrats on the finish

Chris H said...

Oh Wow that is so sweet! Well done Chick.