Sunday, May 13, 2012

I've been busy...

Last weekend, we had our Quilting Retreat - the first one I have ever been to :-) Was lovely, and I got heaps done: I finished my 6 screen printed place mats for BiL and family (thank goodness I worked on them there, I ran out of thread outlining the last two letters but lovely Carol had exactly that thread with her so I could finish it!), I made a reusable shopping tote that folds up into a neat little bag, I pieced the backing, sandwiched and quilted the second of four of my pastel tessellation pieces that will eventually go onto my bed and I made a reverse applique block for the Club's Heart Quilt. I also pulled out the leftovers from my blue/green/purple Stratavarious quilt I made a few years ago. I still love the colours, and when I had a look into that box, I realised there were heaps of pre-cut strips left as well:
The colours were inspired by the NZ Paua Shell (Abalone)

I took some of the already pieced bits and with a bit of juggling pieced them into four patches which I then pieced into a larger four patch, about 16" square, to be made into a cushion cover. Originally I had wanted to do some reverse applique, but it somehow felt wrong cutting this mass of pieced strips up again! In the end, using cotton batting and a piece of my cotton organdy dropcloth from a silk organza painting session as backing, I free motion quilted instead by outlining melon shapes so they look like interlocking circles and microstippled inside the squarish shapes (there must be a name for this shape!). On the back I inserted a recycled zip (quite bulky and in white not quite matching but it will do). So that's my finish No. 10 for this year!

I also started playing with the remaining strips, the colours are just so lovely I couldn't leave them alone! Here are a couple of blocks I made, logcabin type style, not sure yet where I am heading with this but I will figure it out!

Mother's Day weekend was spent on a different (new) project, I pieced the top for a quilt I am donating to my younger boys' school for fundraising, using Robert Kauffmann's The Lorax fabric. As it is all about the actual pictures, I kept the pattern simple. I am itching to get into the quilting, even though I'm not sure yet what exactly I will do (probably some sort of stippling), but first I have to get into a shop to by some decent polar fleece.
Not a UFO but bright and cheerful :-)

Happy Mother's Day to you all!


Susan said...

YOu were very productive - isnt it great when you can borrow exactly what you need! Love the blue/ greens in the first picture! Its all great work.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Your pillow turned out wonderful! Love the colors. Your log cabin scraps look like they want to be a zipper bag.

lizZ said...

I'm so impressed with how much you achieved during a retreat- would you come over to my place and work on my large unfinished pile, please ?? [only joking, of course]. Loved the gorgeous cushion, too.

You have inspired me to definitely make a start on my unruly number of PhD's, today.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Pretty pillow, great use of scraps! Great finishes!

Chris H said...

What awesome finishes... that really colourful cushion is amazing!