Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First UFO finish for 2014

I knocked so many UFOs out in 2012 with the help of everyone here that there isn't all that much left lol. So here is a finish that I started in 2012: Fireworks, a pattern by Lee from Freshly Pieced (though I pieced and not paper-pieced it).



The fabric is Malka Dubrowski and Kona, batting cotton, and all threads are Aurifil 50wt. On the back I pieced leftover strips (plus a few additions from my stack) in between some off-white material I bought at Ikea in Germany last year. I am especially thankful for the the donation of a matching print for top and bottom from my friend Suz from All the Good Ones are Taken!!! It will go to it's intended recipient in August for a round birthday :) If you would like to know more about the journey of this quilt, come and visit here.

 Happy Sewing!!!


margaret said...

I do like this, can see the fireworks exploding as I look at it and the quilting is wonderful

Chris H said...

Wow, amazing quilting on that quilt! All I can do is wavy lines!