Monday, June 25, 2012

2nd little June finish

Managed to complete this double oven mitt /pot holder which has been on the go since November 2010, when a friend showed me the pattern.  Full of enthusiasm, I cut out out pieces for 3, ready for small Christmas gifts [2010] - but, of course, it didn't happen.  The incentives challenge brought them out again, and this one is now destined as a part 'thank you' to relatives we'll stay with overnight in August.

This has easy quilting, bias binding and a layer of wool batting plus a layer of Insul-batting, and really hasn't taken long to complete after all.  The other 2 may get finished this month, but I'm not holding my breath, as I have been working on 5 other PhD's at the same time and would like to see if I can get at least one of those quilts finished first - depends whether fabric arrives from USA in time to complete the project - and if DH can tolerate all the sewing paraphenalia taking over the lounge a bit longer.

I'm most impressed with what everyone has achieved so far this month, &  looking forward to all the new posts to come before 30th - happy stitching


Chris H said...

Very pretty, and handy too!
I've made about 15 of those... I donated them to a local college. Well done on your finish.

Highland Monkey's said...

Isn't it strange that once you get started it only takes a little while to finish....the time is taken procrastinating!!