Wednesday, June 20, 2012


RIGHT.. this is not a finish!
It's a PROMISE....  (and I hope I'm allowed to post this!)

I had not had a single FINISH this year, not even a tiny one!
Today I decided I would make a start on me UFO's.
As it's now winter I can't work in me garage like normal... so I've brought my sewing machine up into the lounge... and I'm SEWING!

I have not done anything for so long I completely forgot how to do bindings... you know.. the shitty bit where you have to join the end?

So.. I printed out some tutorials.. and I think I've got the idea now... even though every other one I seem to join them wrong!

I WILL NOT LET IT DETER ME... I am going to get these 8 Placemats DONE in the next few days... so stay tuned...

Some encouragement would be nice too!   I HATE sewing bindings on!
It's easily the worst part of any project for me.

ONWARD .....


sunny said...

You go Girl! And if you attach a few bindings, send them to me and I'll stitch them down for you.

Chris H said...

Ha HA!
You really don't want to stitch down my bindings !!! I live in New Zealand! Just a bit far to send them really lol... *smiles*

Fiona said...

I know you can, I know you can...... close to the end now....

Susan said...

Gosh - I do agree - its the joining bit that I hate too - the rest is OK.
Do you know - its probably too late now - but for a placemat or other small thing you can do it like a pillow case - quilt the top and wadding together - at least a bit, then lay it on top of the backing (right sides together) and sew around the edge leaving a gap so you can turn it inside out. Hand sew the gap and stich 1/4 inch inside the edge to make it look like it was a binding. And if you are sneaky enough - you can put a seam in the backing, sew all around the quilt and unpick part of that seam to turn the quilt inside out. I have a little tutorial where I did it on my blog - email me if you want the post link.
Good Luck with the finishes.

Chris H said...

Wow Susan, that is a darn good idea! I will check out your blog to find the tutorial... and thanks.

lizZ said...

Hi- I usually have trouble joining the end of bindings, so I'e just bought an inexpensive tool from online store in USA to make the task easier. Try under notions, costs US$8.95 plus postage. It has instructions on use printed on it, so hoping it will be a fail-safe investment. Good luck.

NB Their quilt store, Missouri Star Quilt Co offer lots of great free 'how-to' tutorials on all kinds of techniques and patterns.

LTT said...

As well Missouri SQC there is also a tutorial on Leah Day blog about binding with video which are also on You Tube.