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Thanks Dawn and Wendy

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June's Finish...

...just under the wire! Here's my second Santa doorhanger.
It's also the last of these, so I need to start digging now for my next finish. While working on this, my 5 year-old twin boys both ended up making their own versions - complete with superheroes and giant-sized flowers. Too fun!
This is my seventh finish for the year - more projects than I finished in all of last year! My summer finished aren't big, but they're still finishes and that's exciting!


Susan said...

A finish is a finish - big or small and if its helping to keep the little ones busy as well - that's an added bonus!

Chris H said...

Hee hee, that Santa is very cute. Wow you have done well with 7 finishes so far... I've done only 1!

Coral said...

I love it!