Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stripey Logcabins

Too much time on my hands yesterday so I got my binding stitched on and therefore my Stripey Logcabin Quilt is finished:
Awkward angle to photograph and with our cat Crystal :-)
It consists of two different size blocks - 11 1/2" and 10" with strip of dark batik on two sides. With better planning I might have avoided running short, but on a few places (e.g. top right corner) I pieced some of the log cabin strips with that same dark batik.
Some of the stipple quilting on the polar fleece backing - night time shot, the colours are a bit different in natural light (inspired by the NZ Paua shell = abulone)
And it goes with the now two cushions of that same material :-)
There are still some more leftovers of that same material... do you think I will get sick of it eventually???

Finish No. 13 I think :-)

Happy Sewing!!!


Susan said...

Just love all those colours - just my style.

Gingersnaps Quilts said...

Very pretty!

Chris H said...

Lovely quilt and cushions!
If you have some fabric left over what about matching mug rugs/coasters?