Saturday, June 30, 2012

My June Finish!!!

I pieced this quilt about 8 years ago, and then had it quilted a couple years later only to discover I didn't have binding to match. UGH!!!!!! I searched online and never could find it and poked around quilt shops over the last several years but never could find the fabric to match, and those I tried to put with it just didn't work. On my way to quilt camp last month I stopped at a quilt shop. There in a sale bin was the very same blue fabric.....1/2 yard at $2.00!!!!!!!!! Woohoo. I am so excited to have this quilt done.


Cheryl said...


Susan said...

What a lucky find! it looks lovely!

Chris H said...

Lucky you found the exact fabric you needed.
It's a darling quilt.