Monday, June 25, 2012

More Leftovers used up!

Must be my thing this year, finishing UFOs and using up what's here. Not only have I been getting through my UFOs with the help of this site!!!!! also I have been using up lots of thread that had been used in one or another project yonks ago :-)

My actual project for the month is not quite finished yet, still have to stitch the binding to the back, but that's for in front of the telly time. Quite by chance I finished two other projects today which brings my count to 12!
No idea what you would call this - maybe door cushion?? This is my prototype, I want to use black elastic for future models :-)

In position
This contraption is to stop our cats from pushing the doors open wide and leaving them open when we watch TV at night with the heatpump on (it's winter here). We'll test it tonight :-)

I also quickly made another cushion cover from the same leftovers:
Must be my lack of photographic skills again, this photo has been uploaded upside down twice now!
I hope I get my binding on so I can add another finish for this month!


Chris H said...

That door thingee is a good idea! Well done ya clever girl.
The cushion is super nice too... I love all the colours.

LTT said...

Hi Monika
Whata great idea. Sounds and looks like something other people may want as well.