Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bird Quilt

Hi everybody,

Well, it isn't finished yet but I did work on my bird quilt quite a bit yesterday. We were iced in and I couldn't leave the house, so it was the perfect opportunity to start on my UFO list.

First I had to put away all the things left over from making Christmas gifts. I had stuff everywhere! Then I proceeded to pile things on my bed. Note the little piece of stitchery there. That's one of the new Out Of The Box BOM's I've started.

Then I put my bird quilt on the bed so I could see what I had left to do. You see what happened...Wendy happened. While I was trying to organize things, she decided it would make a great napping spot.

My goal is to continue working on this project the remainder of the week. I only have about four more blocks to quilt and then I can bind it. I can't wait till it's finished. This was supposed to be my autumn quilt!

Have a great day!


Robyn said...

It's obviously a comfy quilt or Wendy wouldn't bother with it!

Dawn said...

Wendy looks very content to nap on your quilt...LOl... too cute.
Hugs Dawn x

Susan said...

Well I am sure its Autumn somehwere - or will be!! Great job - is almost a shame to move the cat!

Wendy B said...

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy......we are known for lolling about!!!! LOL
Look forward to seeing it finished and I'm sure you'll get it done, being iced in and all!!!!
sew many sugary hugs
Wendy (not the cat!) hee hee
:O) XX

sunny said...

That's my Zippy! How did she get on your quilt? Chasing birds, I guess.

Chris H said...

Your cat does look comfy there. I look forward to seeing that quilt finished... and Autumn is coming around again, but I do believe it will be here (New Zealand) before it is there!

Sue said...

Lovely quilt. Gorgeous cat! Lestat does the same thing. I shut myself in the bedroom when I need to use the bed for pinning etc. It is the only way I can do it cat free (he's an indoor cat). Even then, he howls, scratches and throws himself against the door. lol