Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UFO’s or WIP’s???

As I’ve just joined Sew It’s Finished I’ve been looking through my stash and I have a few started and a few more planned that need to be done....this year.
The list of UFO/WIP so far is :
·        Quilting and finishing DGS Bob the builder quilt
·        Making a quilt from some heart blocks I’ve received for newest DGD
·        Making ‘something’ with 12”  ‘Squaredance’ blocks from a swap 3(?) years ago – hmmm a lap quilt for winter.
Now for ‘Must do this year’ that haven’t been started
       Make DS a quilt before November 1st.
·        Make a planned gift for an overseas friend
·        Try to make at least one Christmas gift each month
This doesn’t look like much but DGS quilt is the first actual quilt I’ve done. I’ve quilted potholders, oven gloves, needlecases, bookcovers and other items but not anything this big and I don’t FME yet. Lol, that’s another thing I have to start doing this year - FME! 
I'm going to self bind this quilt as the backing fabric is heavier than the quilt front fabric.


Chris H said...

FME? Now that's a new one for me... what does it mean???

Sue said...

What a lot of fun sewing. I'm with Chris...what is FME?

Robyn said...

Sorry girls, I was a bit nervous posting on someone else's blog it should have been FMQ - Free Motion Quilting not FME - Free Motion Embroidery. Both of which I want to try soon!

Wendy B said...

I'm so glad you clarified that.....I have been busting my brain trying to figure it out too!!!! Hehehe.....so many acronyms in quilting!!!! Will have to make a list to keep on top of them all!
Can't wait to see your first finish!
sew many sugary hugs
Wendy X :O)