Sunday, January 9, 2011

What a thrill !

... getting a place like this, where we can shamelessly share
our long lists, and encourage each other.
THANKS, Dawn and Wendy, for such a great intiative !

Well, I made my own list(s) and figured out a 2011 "attack plan" :

"Old"Long term projects
Hexies ---> 3 flowers a week
Morning "Klosjes" (spools) ---> min. 2/day, while sipping my first coffee

"Life is Beautiful ---> I'm busy piecing the top together,
just can't wait starting to quilt this one. 
"Crazy for Tulips" ---> 11 blocks done, out of 16
"An Angels Story" ---> need to piece the top together
"Xmas plaid" ---> I'm halfway done

"Trip Around the World"
"A Year with Sunbonnet Sue"
"Amish Sunshine and Shadow"
"Big Bear Hugs"

I decided to spend my weekends on these.
Right now, I'm having such a good time stitching
"The Wish Quilt" (Bronwyn Hayes)

etc... etc... etc...
Hopefully, some of these will "bite the dust" this year !

Next time I'll post pictures, promised.



Wendy B said...

I really like the way you've broken these down into smaller bits Nadine. That will definitely make it easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel....and there is a light!!!!!
Can't wait to see some of these finishes soon!!!
sew many sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Susan said...

Well Done - I think the first step has to be to make the list and then either allocate a ranking or a tiem when you will work on each - like the stitcheries for teh weekends! Looking forward to seeing your finishes.

Sue said...

The salami method is a wonderful thing, is it not? One slice at a time.

Diana said...

I'd love to see the pictures. Nice attack plan.

Chris H said...

Good to sort them all out like that... hope you do well whittling down the list.

Dawn said...

wow nadine... a great list of gorgeous projects...making the list is the first thing and then you have a visual point to start...then they become finishes on your finish to sew??
Hugs Dawn x x x