Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Girl Makes a List

Hi, my name is Ann from A Girl in Paradise.  Like many of you I have some UFO's and countless other projects I would like to try swirling around in my head.  I dream big but I have been known to have crafter's ADD and bounce from project to the next.  It is very hard to stick to a "To Do List" when inspiration strikes.  Unfortunately, inspiration usually strikes in the most inopportune time like when I'm sleeping or driving.  So, I like to create while things are still fresh in my mind before the thought goes away forever.  Never to be seen again. 

Since I am not much of a list maker I'll keep this simple...

Finish hand quilting my 2010 scrap quilt.

My Apple Core quilt that I plan on doing completely by hand.  That's right ladies I am kicking it old school.  :)  There is lots to be done on this one.

HST Wall Hanging.  I have been making these Miniature HST blocks and I would like to put them together as some sort of wall hanging.  Still need to work out the details on that, but for now I'll keep putting the blocks together.

Then of course there the project that I would like to tackle this year....

A memory quilt for my oldest son, made from his baby clothes.
A 2011 scrap quilt.  I love the idea of taking your scraps from the year and putting them into a quilt. 
A robot quilt.  I have this idea swirling around in my brain and would like to see it come to fruition.

So, I will be joining Dawn and Wendy in their challenge to get my UFO's to a manageable size before the year is through.  I have prioritised and posted a list on the sidebar of my blog, A Girl in Paradise

I can't wait to check out all that you have going on, and a big thanks to Dawn and Wendy for putting this blog together.  What a get way to get to know one another and get the inspriation we need to finish those UFO's.

Till next time...


Diana said...

I can recognise the fact that inspiration strikes at inopportune times. Mine usually comes when having exams (the bestseller novels i could have written then... but when exams were over i had it all forgotten). I like your idea of a scrap quilt, maybe i'll do the same in 2012!

Dawn said...

some gorgeous quilts the Ann... Love the Apple Core one... and by hand wow... so glad you have joined us and togther we can get them Finished..
Hugs Dawn x x x

Wendy B said...

Wow Ann.....isn't it amazing when you admit what you think are your quilting'shortcomings' to others, how many others have the same issues!??!?!! Maybe we should have called this blog Quilters Anonymous!!!! LOL I love the colours in your applecore quilt....very 'me' and I'm inspired by the fact youre doing it all by hand!!!!
We'll definitely be here to 'cheer you on' as you progress through each stage of completion!
Sew many hugs
X Wendy :O)

Liz said...

Now I know what I have Crafters ADD.
Glad to see I am not the only one afflicted with this horrible disease!!! Maybe we can cure ourselves through this great blog.
You have some lovely pieces you are working on.

Sue said...

Those are all gorgeous pieces of work. Quilters ADD is obligitory for this group, isn't it? lol

Chris H said...

You have some really lovely UFO's there... good luck finishing some.