Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The list is done.....

....... and it turns out I didn't have as many as I thought.  Only 30!  But I guess that making the list is the first step in dealing to a few of these projects that have been lingering for far too long.

I think the thing that holds me up is that quite a lot of these are pretty big projects, so I can spend a lot of time, and feel as though I'm achieving very little. lol

I won't put the whole list here - you probably don't have all day - but it is listed on a separate page at my blog Farm Girl Stitching

My goals for this month are to finish my current Stitching Round the Block piece, finish another A Gardeners Journal Block and to make up a Shepherds Bush needleroll that I stitched quite a while back.  Good luck to all my fellow procrastinators out there - lets hope this blog will send some motivation we're all looking for.

Here is a little peek at the Stitching Round the Block piece that I'm working on at the minute for Raewyn, who is also signed up for this challenge (Love to Stitch).

Thanks again to Dawn and Wendy for getting this up and running and for being so welcoming.

Happy stitching everyone........................ Nicky/Farm Girl Stitching


Anonymous said...

Have been waiting for you to join me in admitting all the wips!! Well done on getting a figure! Good luck with the start of getting some wips finished! I've nearly finished a wip today!

Wendy B said...

Love the way you've recognised the problem isn't always as big as it seems but I can certainly relate to the 'achieving very little' bit!!! LOL
I like that you're breaking it up into smaller, achievable goals.....gee, maybe I should relate this to my weight loss 'resolution' for the year??!!! ROFL
Cant wait to see your projects coming together bit by bit!!!
And I love your stitching round the block block too Nicky!!!!
Sew many hugs
XX Wendy :O)

Melody said...

Hi Nicky,
I'm working on Stitching Around The Block at the moment too. Only got the stems and leaves to do now. It is a lovely project but Round Three is a lot of stitching.

Liz said...

Lovely stitching. I'm working on this round too I am about half way there. This has been a great project to be involved in. Can't wait to get mine back. Will be soooo exciting.

Sue said...

It's always good to have less WIPs than what you thought. I have the opposite...I'm finding all the little hiding places they have tucked themselves away in. Lovely stitching.

Dawn said...

Love the afbrics in your Block for Stitching around the block...looks fab... and little by little you will finish your ufo's
Hugs Dawn x x x

Chris H said...

ONLY 30! LOL.... I have not even counted mine, but it's only a few!

BubzRugz said...

The stitching around the block has been such fun.... and your work looks lovely... 30??? I thought I had a lot at 18! haha