Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First post

Where should I start for my first post?
Well, when I first started patchwork, I couldn't understand why people would have UFOs. Why move away to a new project before finishing the current one, how naive was I then.... I guess the Internet (and temptation for new projects) was not as widespread then plus I hadn't been in any swaps yet. Anyway, a couple of years down the line, I probably have more UFOs that I would like to admit. So do I really need to make a list which will most probably embarrass myself or can I plunge straight into my first attempt at finishing something? I think I'll start being a bit shy and presenting my first project, for which I need some advice to move forward...
Last year in the spring (EU spring so about March or April), I started a Macintosh Rose for my Mum, I was vaguely hoping that it would be a Christmas gift but it was nowhere near finish in December as you can see below:
Anyway last Saturday at our group meeting, I took it along and added the fusible bias:
Now I have a dilemma, what should I do: borders or not? The original pattern has a plain fabric border about 2' wide in a complimentary colour but I am not sure what to do. My focus fabrics are all hand-dyed so they are very variable in colours. Should I finish it off with some binding or add a small border - which colour?
What do you think? Any comments are welcome!


Chris H said...

Wow that is really cool, a bit like a leadlight window effect.

As to what to do.... we all are bound to give you differing ideas... cos we are all different!

So, at the end of the day you should do what you think looks best.

Try lying different fabrics around the outside to get an idea of what might look good TO YOU, then go for it.

My opinion: a border for sure. As for the colour... no idea!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hi there..I completely agree; a border. I like to go with one of the colours in the pattern you have now; usually darkest one...but that is up to looks great the way it is...I really love it...nice job

Susan said...

I agree with Chris H - you need to put fabrics down around it and see what they look like - maybe try a white border (and white binding) wiht a very thin green peeper between teh quilt and the border. It is stunning - looking forward to the end result.

Sheila said...

I have to agree on adding a border , it would really set it off well and as for color I would also choose one of the colors in the block , and as Chris said try out different ones to see what YOU prefer the best , Good luck , it is gorgeous.

Liz said...

Celine--they are so lovely. Someone said like stained glass. They look great. Good luck with your WIP's

Dawn said...

Wow, Celine that looks great, I would put a folded black border about 1" and then a patched block broder..
Hugs Dawn x x
Hope can understand my lingo...

Celine said...

Thanks for all your comments ladies, I should try a few options and see what I like the best!

Wendy B said...

ooooh, thin black border followed by piano key border in your hand dyeds then black binding.....yummy!!!!
I'm wanting to do the stained glass effect is on my list!!! hehehe
cant wait to see it finished Celine
sew many sugary hugs
Wendy :O) XX

Sue said...

That is really striking! Try different fabrics out and take piccies with your digital camera. You will get a good idea of what you like then.