Friday, January 7, 2011

Trying to keep focused

The first step of tackling those UFO's is remembring which I have. I'm thinking about them while busy with my current christmasproject Kerstwensen (Christmanswhishes in English). Having spread that one out over the couch to review it, look what happend while I was away for a moment...

My dear Pippi Longstocking got my Fig Tree Manor top out of the wardrobe (it needs ironing now). I really want to finish this one, though it has been in a box for a year and all I have to do is put on the top border so the quilt is finished and I can make the sandwich and start quilting. Somehow I tend to put that of.

If you think that Pippi helps a lot, you got it wrong. She's got to much energy and must run around a lot, she doesn't have enough patience for quilting. What a pity!

She just asked me if she could get a doll's quilt. Since I try not to start a new project before Februari I suddely remembered that I had started a doll's quilt with the leftovers of the Fig Tree Manor quilt. She can have that one, once finished.

At the moment I'm working on my christmasproject, I noticed that once I had put away a project, it is somehow difficult to restart it. I'm trying to keep focused and this blog helps a lot!


P.S. Since I'm Dutch, I would appriciate it if you would correct any mistakes I make writing English. I like to learn !


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

nice project and great English....

Annie said...

Dear Diana,

Thanks for sharing. =). I've found it helps me if I make a list of projects that I want to finish, even if the list doesn't include all of my UFOs. Sometimes a short list isn't as overwhelming and I will keep the list in a place(s) that I can refer to quickly.


Susan said...

Wow! Your English is so good - but then I do rememeber sharing with a Dutch girl years ago and her English was pretty good. I agree about the list - I made one and then prioritised it so I could decide which ones to do first.

Now for your English lesson: In this part: "She's got to much energy" it should be "Too much energy". But a lot of English speaking people get that wrong. "To" is used for when you go to a place.
And in this bit: "Since I try not to start a new project before Februari" we would usually say "Since I am trying not to start a new project until February , , ," But I would still give you 9.5 out of 10.
Love Pippi - hopefully she can help you get organised and keep you company while you get to those UFOs.

Lynette said...

I know what you mean about putting a project aside. I don't know why it is so hard to get going on it again but this blog has certainly helped me get 2 on the go again

sunny said...

Beautiful cat! I've made quite a long list, and keep finding more things that need to be added. Must get busy!

Sue said...

lol I think Pippy comes and plays in my sewing room sometimes. That is a gorgeous cat. I have a black and white cat, too.

Chris H said...

Your English is fine girl!
I agree, once you put a project away it is very hard to get back to it... this blog is great! We should all do our best to finish a few of those pesky UFO's!