Friday, January 14, 2011

Wish Quilt

More progress on my Wish Quilt. I pulled fabrics from the stash to prepare the blocks surrounding the stitcheries. Some are appliqued and some are pieced. That chequerboard strip has a lot of little seams to match up. Not my favourite thing to do and there are a lot of chequerboard strips in the quilt!!!!!!!!!

I will be having short interlude to my UFO list to help the Gum Tree Designers flood appeal for
sewing kits. I think this deserves a high priority at the moment.

Have fun, bye for now from Liz


Sue said...

Lovely work on your WIP. Understandable changing your priorities.

Diana said...

I agree, the sewing kits have a higher priority at the moment. I'm thinking of making one myself.

Diana said...
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Lynette said...

I saw this pattern and thought it was great so will watch your project with interest.

I am also making a sewing kit at the moment

Shiree said...

oooh I started this one a while back, I completely forgot about it!! Must hunt it out, I did a lot of the stitching while we were holidaying in Canada, and doing long road trips, thanks for the memory jog!