Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My UFO List

Hi.  My name is Susan and I am a prolific collector and starter - but not sew good on finishing unless there is some sort of a deadline. 
Sew I have joined the bandwagon to see if I can finish more than I collect or start this year.  I have a "list" in a notebook for years - then I transferred them to little pieces of paper so I could rip up the piece of paper when I finished something - very satisfying - but it didn't keep me on the straight & narrow. 
Sew this time I have written a list - numbered each project from 10 (most important - DO NOW) to 1 (when will I ever do that one??).  Some number groups have a date - varying up to the end of the year and the ones numbered from 5 and lower are unlikely to see the light of day this year. (I think the number 1's are unlikely to ever get finished but maybe when I win Lotto and retire I will get to them (??LOL??)  Never mind, its a start. 
Top of my List are: 4 bags, Stitchers Keeper & a matching Needle case (Leanne Beasley), Love Is and Gifts of Grace stitcheries and my Victorian Sewing Pouch from Faeries in My Garden.  I am well progressed on a few of them so that is probably OK to do by the end of January.  If you like to visit my blog - there is a full list of all that I am admitting to at the moment   (a total of about 58 I think - but there are heaps more - for example I have most of the Gift of the Month (from Faeries in My Garden ) for both 2009 and 2010 still untouched! (I won the 2010 ones) - and not on the list.  [sigh])
OK enough confessions - must get back to the sewing while I am still on holidays.
Looking forward to seeing all the progress !!


Doris said...

That's why I'm here too, "a prolific collecter and starter" !! Can't wait to see some of your items finished, especially the Gift of the Month items, I had my eye on those ...

Wendy B said...

Oh I am soooooo with you on the number you have to complete....it took me forever to nut out my list and they seemed to be breeding in the cupboard!!!!!
Isn't it funny that you think you're the only one though??!!!
Looking forward to seeing what you make.....a hint Dawn gave me.....do an easy one, then a bigger project, and easy one and a bigger one....otherwise you don't seem to get through as much......makes total sense now!!!!
sew many hugs
XX Wendy :O)

Dawn said...

looking forward to seeing those finishes Susan... some sound so nice..love the rating on them...LOL
hugs Dawn x x x

Marilyn said...

Good for you admitting to 58. So far I have listed my top 10 but I still have to dig deeper to find the rest - and it probably wont be too far short of your total if I count everything. I stopped at 10 as otherwise it may get too daunting and I would not want to tackle any. Once I get going I will add more.

Chris H said...

YOur proritising them is a good idea.
I had to get two quilts finished before my sons visited, they were a 10!
I have another deadline looming, our 7th grandbaby is due in February and I have not finished her cot quilt yet... that better be next~!