Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hi one and all challengees

Hello my name is Liz from Luv 2 Cre8te blog and I am a confessed UFOlic.

I think I Luv 2 Cre8te tooooooooooooooooooo many UFOs!!!!!!!!

This is box number 1. I will share box number 2 in the next post.

I counted up today what UFOs I have.

I have a total of 35 UFOs. I think this is a bit serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now so I don't overwhelm myself and fall off my perch and have a relapse, I am going to
group them into lots of 5 and list the group on my blog and work through that and keep adding.

I think this challenge is great for me as I can work at my own pace. I have tried other challenges but felt the time frame/commitment wasn't working for me. My life can be so erractic that I think I can manage it then I have a spanner in the works to stuff it all up. Which makes me stress which is not a good situation.

I really want to succeed this time in getting these UFOs finished once and for all.

I would like to change my habit from having multiple UFOs to working on only one thing at a time and finishing it.

I hope this challenge can help me achieve this.

My UFOs vary from some just needing a binding stitched down, quilt tops in the flimsy state and others where the blocks are all completed and just needing to be sewn together and quilted etc.

So some shouldn't take long to complete at all once I set my mind to them. I'm sure I could knock quite a few over in a weekend. Just have to stay focussed.

Now my list will begin with:

  1. Wish Quilt by Bronwyn Hayes. I have one stitchery block to complete and then I can put it altogether and finish it. I started this 2 years ago and I would like to hang for this Christmas.
  2. Valentines Quilt. Stitcheries from Stina's blog. Lovely little hearts. All stitcheries are complete just need to put it together and finish. Would like to complete this for Valentines day.
  3. Botanical Re-Birth Quilt. This is so close to being finished it is ridiculous. This was to be for an exhibition but I lost the plot at the end. I don't think I am good at working to deadlines. Too much pressure.
  4. Various table runners which are all close to completion.
  5. Dresdan Plates. I wanted to have a go using the wedge tool to make dresdans and designed the layout for this quilt. Have four blocks done.
I may mix this up a bit as some of the UFOs need stitcheries completed and I can do this at night while watching tv or listening to music if I feel inclined and when I don't feel like sewing at the machine.

So that is my pledge and plan and I hope with the encouragement of this blog I will achieve this.

And become a recoverd UFOlic.

Bye for now and happy cre8ting, from Liz


Dawn said...

welcome Liz and I look forward to seeing your acheivements this 2011... and you set the pace you can acheive by and if life gets busy ( like it can)...just keep plodding along, we are here to encourage you... If it just one finish this year it's better than none finished....
Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs Dawn x x x

Wendy B said...

Bravo Liz......we are all here for the same reason....I don't think I counted mine cos it scared me to death!!!!! Just do bit by bit and with encouragement from the 'tacklers', you'll get there!....anyway.....I don't think we'd be quilters if we didn't have multiple projects on the go.....we'd just be dabblers!
Enjoy the process.....
sew many sugary hugs
Wendy :O) XX

Nadine said...

Hi, Liz ;>)
I think the fact of grouping your Ufo's by stacks of 5 is a GREAT strategy, and I'm sure you'll have great accomplishments this year !

PS : B Hayes "Wish Quilt" is on my pile, as well. However, I still have to stitch a few blocks, before starting to piece them all together. One stitch at a time, we'll make them "bite the dust" ! HeeHee...

Sheila said...

You are not alone Liz , we are all her for the same reason , too much creative juice and not enough hours in the day . I think setting them into groups of five is an excellent idea and will not seem so overwhelming .

sunny said...

It's always good to break overwhelming projects into bite-size pieces, and you've done a great job. It's also good that you know how you work best and aren't trying to 'fight it'. Can't wait to see your beautiful finnishes as they happen.

Sue said...

Before you know it, the first box will be empty and you will be flying through the next.

Sue said...

Hi Liz, Actually, I dont think 35 UFO's is too bad!! I have put a list on my blog of the ones I can remember, but mine probably add up to about 35 too, so dont feel bad -you are not alone I am a serial UFOholic too!!! Plus I have enough fabric in my stash to start a shop!!! So we will tackle one thing at a time, OK??
Hugs n Blessings from Sue.

Anonymous said...

35 Ufo's are a lot, but I hope you tackle them all. I didn't count mine

Chris H said...

35! Wow we are going to seeing a lot of you then! *smiles*