Monday, January 10, 2011

Cushion Finished.

Back in October last year, I started the first block of the Breast of Friends quilt. I wasn't happy with my quality of embroidery, so I started a new block and this one hung on the wall.

It just stared at me and mocked me, saying finish me....finish me....

So that is what I did, yesterday I put a zipper in the back piece. Joined it all together and sewed the binding onto the edges.

Today I hand sewed the binding and all finished.

Its now a cushion for my lounge chair where I love to sit and do my stitchery.

Due to the blue washable pen fading, I didn't worry about the top part of the stitchery. I am sure that would have made me undo what was already

Also I put a binding around the edge and that fabric matches the dove's wing on the left.

The back I decided to add a zipper and I didn't want the zipper dead smack in the middle.

So this UFO is now a cushion and I am sure if I didn't join this group, it'd still be annoying me.

Very happy with the end result.

You're only limited by your imagination.


Lynette said...

Well done. Its actually nice to have something like this where you sit and sew. Enjoy

Sue said...

That is a lovely cushion.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks girls:)

Susan said...

Funny there have been a couple of people making that block into a cushion - and presumably not finishing the rest of the quilt! But it looks so lovely - it was that block that got me into that Breast of Friends Quilt and although I am glad I finished it - it was a big job.

Sheila said...

Beautiful cushion and a great use of a pretty block , congratulations on the finish !

Wanda said...

I think it's beautiful. It looks like something that will draw you in to sit and have a good stitching session. Great work.


Chris H said...

It is a very pretty cushion, well done on finishing it.

Robyn said...

Re-purposing something always gives one a good feeling and I love how you re-purposed that block into a pretty cushion.

Dawn said...

so cute you lucky 1... hope I can see it for real on Tuesday...LOL
Hugs Dawn x x x
PS. no thinking I am sure I will.. he he

Wendy B said...

Looks fantastic and I love the colours you've chosen...just beautiful....and no more mocking...woohoo!!!!!
sugary hugs
Wendy :O) X