Friday, January 7, 2011

First UFO Finished

I love tea towels be them plain, patterned, terry or a souvenir variety. These 2 were given to me by a lovely lady who never finished them herself and she knows I love chooks. They had been sitting in a Hettie's Patch bag on the cupboard waiting for me to finish them off. What a great idea it was to join the UFO Challenge. mrgreen

So this evening I sat and practiced my satin stitch with my machine. Only part of the applique that I didn't need to do was the chicken.

You can see as I went along, I became more steady and tidier with the satin stitch. Doing the applique with the machine is quicker and as I tend to treat these sort of towels, as hand towels and good for cleaning up a spillage..... the machine applique will last longer.

Well that is one UFO out the way..... wonder what will come next????

You're only limited by your imagination.


Susan said...

It is all about practice (as they say Practice makes . . .) You will find it does get easier and you start to automatically stop the needle on the correct side when you need to move the fabric. They look pretty good to me - far too nice to use!!

Diana said...

Congratulations with this good start!

Sue said...

That is a pair of cute looking chooks, Lucky. Congrats on you first finish. I think part of the fun is going through the WIPs deciding what will be next.

Sheila said...

I love decorating tea towels too , love these very cute.

Wendy B said...

Isn't it great when 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'? ....or in this case, woman's!!!!
Love the chooky's and I think you've done a fab job!
Sew many sugary hugs
XX Wendy :O)

Chris H said...

Love the chooks!
Good luck with the next UFO.