Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've got my work cut out for me!

I'm Wanda from . I'm new to blogging but not quilting. A while back, I had to pack up my fabric into bags, boxes and totes because there wasn't room for me to have them where I could get to them. I've started going back through the bags, boxes and totes; washing, drying, pressing and folding all the material - a daunting task.
This is the post I just put on my blog to show where I am so far:
Well, I've been working on the fabric pile and found some UFO's and thought I would share what I was attempting to work on.
1. I found a bag of knit fabric that I had started cutting out for an Eleanor Burns pattern. It's the Quilt Block Party Series #2 Baskets and Flowers. I found a copy of the book cover on-line.

I love knit fabric quilts. I love the way they feel (my grandmother used everything she could in her quilts and since she made all her own clothes she had alot of knits - all the rage when she was raising her kids).  I believe I received alot of the knits from her.

2. This is a quilt I started over 20 years ago. It had panels that had a black outline which you painted with the fabric paint in the pen style tubes (see below).

One of the panels that I painted. Looks like I started quilting this one. All the square panels are painted but only a few are actually quilted.

This one is painted and quilted. One of the few but I like the way it looks (I used black thread to quilt it.)

This is the type of fabric paint I used. Will probably need to buy more because even though the blocks are painted, the sashing and blocks aren't all done.

I made this up for the cross sashing. I like it but I only have the one done.

This is the corner (joining the sashing). I have them all painted but only a few are quilted.

This is the up and down sashing. I had decided not to paint them but just quilt them but now that I look at it I think I want to just quilt all the sashing pieces.

3. Then I found a quilt that my grandmother had started using either 4 or 5 squares. She started putting them together in 3X3 blocks (also known as 9 patch). I like the colors that she picked. It looks like alot of shirting materials. The pictures below does not do the colors justice.

I love the color combos and the simplicity of the pattern. Not sure what I will end up making with it.

These are the colors that were cut out by my grandmother. This should be easy to put together.
4. There is one that I watched Georgia Bonesteele do on TV a long time ago and have no clue what the name of the block is but I thought it was really neat. You take blocks with rounded corners and sew a sandwich of 2 blocks and batting, flip and sew up the opening. then you take the blocks and sew them together at the corners (see below), flip the corners in different directions and add a button.  I started one but didn't get one whole "block" together (a block consists of 4 smaller squares).

This is one of the small squares. It has rounded corners and is a sandwich of 2 pieces of fabric and batting.

Here is another one, it's not finished with the opening sewn up.

This is 4 of the squares put together to make one block. The back is a blue material. See how the pieces are sewn at the corners (where the lines were drawn in the first picture). Then you flip them and sew a button on it. See the next picture.

This picture shows several "blocks" put together. They are pinned and not sewn (I think I was checking out the color combo on this one) but you should get an idea of what it looks like in a large piece. (I'm not sure of the combo, may need to put some of the more "solid" looking one's in between).

5. Then there is the WIP that I started. I'm using Bonnie Hunter's  design for one side (it has green, red and white - see the tutorial of how she does it) and the other side will have pink, purple, blue and white (some how I ended up with nearly all stripes so far on this side).

How did I end up with all stripes so far on this side - I don't intend only using stripes?!?! I will also use the same white on both sides (I have alot of the same fabric).

I love how this is looking so far. Again, I ended up using all the same fabric for each color, this is supposed to be a scrappy quilt.
 I'm using a 1 1/2 inch punch size to make the fabric hexi's (see Bonnie's tutorial for the punches) and a 1 inch for the small card pieces for the middle.

Well, that's all I have found for now. I know there are more, because there are several that I inherited from my grandmother that I haven't found yet.

Thank you for taking a peek at what I'm doing, come by and see me, I don't blog yet alot but hope to get into it more as I learn things.
Talk to you later,


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing - it is always interesting to see some differnet ideas - especially the painting one.

Sue said...

Lots to have fun with there!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

keep at it; you are finding all kinds of treasures there....

Wendy B said...

Great Wanda....looking forward to seeing these make the 'finish' pile sometime this year!!!
Sew many sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Chris H said...

Very interesting the painted ones, I've never heard of doing them like that.
Good luck getting some finished.